Here is my promise when you work with me :

I’m not going to bullshit you.


Let’s be honest, on the internet, everyone’s got something to sell. They’ll tell you the ‘value’ of their course is in the thousands, then they knock it down to under a hundred and make out like they’re doing you a favour…


I offer one Session Program, some Products, and a bunch of courses. Alongside counselling services, I run a Movement Academy for kids and adults, do some things with Horses, and also host some epic events. Work with me and get exactly what you signed up for.

No crazy deals.

Just authenticity.


If you work with me I promise;


  • no bullshit. I’ll be honest, professional and true to my mission. I won’t try to be fancy or pretend I have all the answers. I’ll be real with you and deliver from integrity. And I’m likely to swear.
  • to prioritise getting to know you, your anxieties and what matters to you, in the very first long session. If we’re not a good fit, I’ll tell you before you commit any money.
  • to never use a diagnostic, medical model. I have a 100% holistic approach, and trust that you are the expert of your own mind, body and reality. I’ll hold an equal weight of importance to helping you Think well, Move well, Eat Well, Do Well and Live Well. No cookie-cutter approach.
  • no judgment – your journey is unique and individual. You are the expert. I’m merely a cheerleader with some helpful strategies and realationship to offer along the way. I will encourage, support and celebrate you. I will also not shy away from difficult conversations that could contribute to your self crafting or healing experience.
  • to work within a trauma-informed, polyvagal and relational framework, that honours your experience past, present and future. I will not rush you and you will always have choice regarding the work we do in sessions. I will care about and take into account your fears.
  • to always be organised, on time and prepared for your session. If I change the time or date of your appointment more than one time in your ten week session program, you’ll get another bar of delicious, ethical, dark chocolate.
  • to never send you home with work sheets for ‘homework,’ never tell you to ‘think positive,’ and never say that you are wrong.
  • no hidden costs. The Session Program is ten weeks, at a cost of $1600, with one 15 minute free session, followed by a free full length session before you’re expected to pay anything. You may pay in one lump sum of $1600, or over the ten weeks, at $160 p/week. After the ten weeks, you may continue to work with me regularly or irregularly, at a cost of $140 p/session. As mentioned below, if you require me to have meetings with other practitioners in your team, or you request a support letter, the cost is $120.
  • if you commit to the program, I will have space for you in my calendar, and after your ten sessions, if you want anymore, I will always find a time for you within one to two weeks of asking. The cost of sessions after the ten week program is $140.
  • to work with you, alongside (but not necessarily within) any other framework you’re engaged with, eg. prescription pharmaceuticals, massage therapy or spiritual healing. If you require me to communicate with other professionals in your team, I charge $90 for meetings and writing support letters.
  • if you call me between sessions, I will give you 10 minutes for discussion. Anything more than 10 minutes will need to be held until your next session. If you need to make contact it’s usually better to send a message via SMS or Whats App/Signal – 0482955340.
  • to service self managed NDIS plans, but I don’t service Medicare/Mental Health Plans.
  • to provide a discounted rate for pensioners, students, disadvantaged and other people who may be unable to pay full rate. Just ask me about it when we have our first free consultation.
  • to always support you to create freedom in your life so you can be everything you want to be.



When you work with me I ask you to

  • bring up any concerns right away. Whatever the problem is, we can sort it out if we both know about it.
  • adjust your session time online, via my calendar, if you need to change your booking with more than 24 hours to spare – less than 24 hours to spare, your appointment will be forfeit.
  • feel free to cry if you’re feeling emotional, eat if you’re hungry (seriously, I know what it’s like when you’re trying to fit appointments into an already busy day – bring your lunch and eat while we talk), and move if you need to (if you want to have your online appointment while you’re on a walk, go for it).
  • when possible, make contact via Whats App or SMS between sessions

If you can say yes to this list, we’ll move forward together in style!

Let’s generate a better world!




How can I be a contribution to you?

I’m Hollie Bakerboljkovac, a clinically registered counsellor, a wellness coach and an authenticity mentor (yeah, I came up with that last term myself! ). More about me here >>>

I can teach you really helpful tools to get you living the life you’ve always dreamed of, straight away.

Together, we’ll take the world you imagine, and empower you to turn that into a reality!

I’m available for consultation in person or online.


Individual Sessions



Try Me

A free 15 minute phone session to find out if we are the perfect fit.

Meet me, we can have a quick chat about what you’re looking for and, we can decide whether we are the best fit for each other?

This 15 minute session is video via Zoom.

Book your Try Me Session here >>>




Sessions with Hollie B.

Tools and transformative processes to create a life that sets you free.

I provide a caring space to explore what’s really going on for you, and I can show you how to get to where you want to be.

Together, we can look at any area of your life, take a journey into your inner landscape to help you clear whatever is in your way to becoming everything you want to Be.

You can think of me as a Lifestylist for R.E.b.E.L.s and people who desire to create a life that sets you free.

People start with me in a ten week program, after 2 free sessions to be sure we’re a good fit.

Find out about the Session Program here >>>




Person-to-person or Zoom Consultations available

Want to know more?


Work with me for your Ceremony.

A Ceremony is the marking of an event in a sacred manner. It is a conscious intention of energy and honouring of a specific time in one’s life.

I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating sacred space for ceremonies that honour birth, first blood, union, the changing seasons of nature and Self and endings / end-of-life. It is special work, and humbling as I get to know the family and the individuals involved in marking the sacred time.

Any special event you choose to make sacred can be a ceremony. We will meet prior to your ceremony to discuss your thoughts and inspirations around your event. Then we’ll consult up to your ceremony day, so that your event will be everything you want it to Be.

Read more here >>>





Work with me to speak as an educator at your event

I’ve been talking and teaching in front of all group sizes for the past 20+ years. I’m an animated speaker with motivational qualities and the ability to make complex topics simple to understand. My topics focus on health, wellness and personal development, the framework of Self Crafting. More here >>>