The Institute for Self Crafting is a Company that values Contribution, Authentic Connection and a Self Crafted Life.

Founder and CEO, Hollie is a therapist and coach, based in Braidwood NSW, an hour from Canberra and the South Coast. She teaches methods of Self Crafting for individuals and corporate groups.


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Hollie B. author, educator, therapist, coach, speaker

40 Day Planner Challenge

Could you trade 10-20 minutes each day, for 40 days, to spend a little time with me (online) and your Planner, to turbo boost your Sacred Productivity and make your Big Wild Dreams real..? Learn how to use your Lunation Annual Planner to get the most from your year, and find out why we call it “A transformative program disguised as a diary..” Find it here >>>


Make your Big Wild Dreams real

I can show you the Rhythm I use to flow through life with ease. I’m a busy mum and entrepreneur, running four businesses, staying healthy, creating change and living exactly the life I want to have every single day. I will teach you how to map out your most desired life and make it real. The Big Wild Dreams Program is a 3 month intensive with Hollie including education, Self Crafted Publications and coaching. Value $940. Price $750. Apply below


Get well

Are you finding yourself feeling older, weaker, less motivated than you were before? I can show you how I went from the emergency room with an un-diagnosable virus and 6 years of chronic fatigue, to stronger and healthier (and ‘hotter’ according to my husband) than ever before. Value $1200. Price $990. Apply below.


Self Crafted Life Coaching program

6 month coaching program to create the life that sets you free. Defend your awessoomme-ness, unfold your potential and get support in the life journey of authenticity. This is the program for any woman who is constantly seeking the growth edges, who lives for more than maintenance, and loves the ongoing journey of personal development. Attend to both your inner and outer reality, and be the best version of yourself, every single day. This is the ultimate Self Crafted Life Program, including education and intensive coaching with Hollie. Value $3060. Price $2499. Apply below.


EWP : Employee Wellness Program

For corporates who want to take their employees to the next level. A combination of counselling and coaching within the Self Crafted Life model, EWP can replace any EAP, with added benefits to health, mindset and individual focus. Take your employees from good to best. Hollie will work with your employees to reduce stress, increase wellness and improve quality of life. Apply below.




Apply to join a Self Crafting program

Your application does not guarantee approval to join the program. You will be contacted by someone on our team for a short conversation to determine your eligibility to the Program. Program spaces are limited, and you may be placed on a waiting list.


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Gather and learn with other women

Join us at Australia’s premiere women’s health event where the leading professionals in Plant Wisdom, Holistic Health and Womens Mysteries come together on the land, celebrating Mother Earth and Divine Feminine Wisdom. A community of women who choose authenticity over convenience, ethics over fast anything, and personal action to live for a better world. Get your tickets to the Wise Women Gathering here >>>