an anxiety-informed Counselling and Coaching program for people who are ready for a better life.



The Self Crafted Life Session Program


Anxiety-informed Counselling and Coaching with Hollie Bakerboljkovac

  • beating anxiety and/or depression
  • changing the thoughts that aren’t serving you
  • integrating trauma and/or grief
  • holistic wellness : mind, body and Self
  • dealing with your mother/father/boss/neighbour… issues
  • Thinking, moving, eating, doing well, in order to live well


This is the program for anyone who is constantly seeking the growth edges. You’re in the right place if you live for more than maintenance and love the ongoing journey of personal development. Attend to both your inner and outer reality, and be the best version of yourself, every single day.

What does anxiety-informed counselling mean?

An anxiety-informed approach means my counselling practice includes your nervous system in everything we do together.Your nervous system is a flighty, distressed part of your self who can heal quickly in the correct conditions. Counselling that doesn’t include the nervous system is like a weight-loss program that doesn’t include the person who wants to lose the weight!

Anxiety-informed counselling is gentle, includes awareness of previously experiences trauma, and moves in a time frame that doesn’t cause you extra distress.

As a registered counsellor I’ve found people benefit from a series of regular sessions. Due to this, I no longer offer one-off sessions. People who wish to work with me commit to a minimum of 10 sessions as part of a mini-intensive program aimed at helping you create a life of freedom.




You could be the right fit for this Session Program if:

  • you recognise yourself in the About You page
  • you’re willing to commit to 10 sessions over 10 weeks
  • you have a desire to show up for yourself, invest in your future and be the very best version of You



The seven anxiety-removing reasons why you might choose this anxiety-informed counselling program:

Anxiety-informed Counselling and Coaching with Hollie Bakerboljkovac

  1. You pay me nothing in the first 2 sessions 

    I want to make sure that I can help you and  you want to work with me. I offer you a 15 minute Zoom call, where we get to have a sense of each other and what you’re looking for. If we both feel good at the end of that, we schedule a longer session so that you can get a sense of how I work. It’s not until the end of that session that I’ll ask you whether you want to commit to the Program.

  2. I do not expect you to pay for the Program in one go

    I know it’s not easy for people to come up with $1600 in one go, so I offer you the option to pay $160 each week, over the ten weeks. Afterward, if you decide to continue on the session price is $140.

  3. You will receive over $200 worth of extra freebies when you join the Program

    Along with the free sessions, and your ten weekly sessions, you will receive 3 passes to my Motion Ninja Academy Movement classes (online or in person, to be used by you or your kid), a Lunation Annual Planner, lifetime access to the 40 Day Planner Challenge and other courses on the Self Crafted Life Platform, and you’ll also receive a gift pack of delightful items including a bar of delicious, ethical, dark chocolate in your first paid session, just because it’s nice!

  4. I will present something you’ve never seen before

    If you’ve sought anxiety or trauma counselling previously, I promise your work with me will be different. I have over 25 years experience working in the Wellness space, and the tools I’ve collected and developed create actual shifts for a better life.

  5. What you see is what you get

    I promise to stick to my promises – there are no hidden costs, tricks, or bonus deals at the end. I’m not going to send you a series of carefully crafted emails to draw you into purchasing a heap of crap you don’t need. The Program is ten sessions, plus the freebies. That’s all of it. You can find out what else I offer by going to the Directory on this site, and if you’re interested in those offerings, you have the choice to follow them up (or not). In anxiety-informed counselling (also trauma-informed) our interactions are directed by the reactions and responses of your nervous system. I won’t force you into anything.

  6. I will always fit you in

    On completion of your ten week program, you will have the option to continue working with me. I charge $140 for the sessions after your program, and they can be as often or as irregular as suits you. I will always fit you into my calendar, within one-to-two weeks of your asking.Anxiety-informed Counselling and Coaching with Hollie Bakerboljkovac

  7. We will work holistically

    It doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is or isn’t; what your psych prescribed; what kind of ‘diet’ your dietician suggested; or how often you go to the gym. We will work together to encompass Thinking, Moving, Eating, Doing and Living Well, in ways that suit you, for this moment in time. Although all new people work with me in a ten session program, your needs will differ to other people. We’ll focus on things like anxiety triggers, somatic awareness, thought work, Wellness Principles and the Rhythm. As a result, I won’t give you the same cookie-cutter approach as the last person. We will work together to get the best results for you.


If you’re interested in defending your awessoomme-ness, unfolding your potential and getting support in the life journey of authenticity, book the first Free 15 minute Consultation here >>> There’s absolutely no expectation to buy in this first session, and I won’t use any crazy sales tricks on you ( cos I don’t actually know any ).



Anxiety-informed Counselling and Coaching with Hollie Bakerboljkovac

This is your invitation to anxiety-informed counselling that will be supportive, life changing and sometimes even fun.

The Institute for Self Crafting is a Company that values Contribution, Authentic Connection and a Self Crafted Life.

Founder and CEO, Hollie is a counsellor and coach, based in Braidwood NSW, an hour from Canberra and the South Coast. She teaches methods of Self Crafting for individuals and corporate groups.

Hollie’s counselling specialty is anxiety and trauma, meanwhile her coaching has a specifically mitochondrial lens.


Want more info?

Send an email with your questions, and I’ll contact you to determine your eligibility to the Program. Program spaces are limited, and you may be placed on a waiting list.