Prioritise to make your Big Wild Dreams real

How to determine your priorities


What is the key to making Big Wild Dreams real? Prioritise.


An exercise for determining what your priorities really are…


Write down at least five things, that you spent most of your time, thoughts, energy, emotions and attention on, for the last 7 days.

Those things are your actual priorities not the ones you thought you had.

Ask yourself, which would I keep and which would I throw away in a perfect world?

Which match my Big Wild Dreams?

Which priorities would contribute to my life and living?

Draw a line through the ones you are throwing away.

What five priorities would contribute to generating creating and instituting the life I’d truly like to have ? Write those down.

168 hours : your choice

With 168 hours in the week, you’ve got all the time necessary to create your Big Wild Dreams. It’s all about PRIORITY. People like to say “I don’t have time to xyz” and what they really mean is “I’m prioritising other things in the time I have.”

We all have the same amount of time. It’s your responsibility to choose how you will use your time.

Each week your 168 hours are divided between seven sections. Behavioural research shows that when we move through life giving gratitude and celebrating the small wins, great things happen. Prioritise what you love about your days and everything else comes easy!

I always start by prioritising my sleep : how many hours are completely taken by sleep and rest? Prioritise rest and re-creation, and everything else comes easy! What you’ve got left is the productive part of your day. Mark out jobs, work, appointments, and any other responsibilities. Now whatever is left over is your time to make things happen!

Spend a moment at the end of each week reviewing what you have achieved. Research shows that we are more able to make things happen when we keep track of our progress. Ask yourself How could this week have been better? What were the three things that created the most change? and What do i now have the awareness of, that I did not before? Prioritise reflection of your own journey and everything else truly comes easy!

Prioritising with the Moon

The Lunation Annual Planner provides a regular checkin point for your priorities, to ensure what you’re doing matches with what you’re saying you want to do!

When you check in with your targets you are more likely to stay inspired and get shit done. That’s a thing that’s been found to be true in research on goals and habits. If you use the cycles of the Rhythm as a scaffold or blueprint for making plans and reaching targets, the full moon is the perfect point to check in. At the time where energy is peaking, you can easily see what’s actually happening, not just what you tell yourself you’re doing.

And if priorities are a sticky place for you, each full moon gives you a new opportunity to tailor your focus to the sky weather (aka astrological energy) present in that moment.


So, with all of those 168 hours, what will you create today?

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