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10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Heya Great and Awesome Travellers!

Creative Transformative Process #6

You’ve more than likely seen Prayer Flags before. you’ve probably even got some strung up in your house or your trees out the front, or the verandah.. They’re fairly popular the old Prayer Flags, and particularly because they are inexpensive, and supposedly Zen-like with all those Asian symbols and mantras sketched upon.

In my usual, rebellious Indigo Way, I have to tell You that I’m not a big fan of those Prayer Flags. They just don’t speak to me. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with them! but the decor just doesn’t speak to my aesthetic nature. So I don’t use them.

However, I love the concept!

The Tibetan Prayer Flags that we most commonly think of when we imagine Prayer Flags, have come about from a merging of concepts from Tibetan Bon Shamanism and Tibetan Bhuddhism. They are a colourful string of rectangular pieces of fabric, with certain mantras printed on them. Traditionally they are printed with wood-block printing techniques and probably made in bulk batches. Wikipedia actually says that the Tibetan Flags came from the banners that Hindus use to send the prayers and sutras out to the world.

By hanging a Prayer Flag, the idea is that You are letting the prayers be caught and taken out by the wind. This way, your prayers are not just for You, but they will benefit All Peoples.

In time, as the images fade from sight, the Prayers are taken up by the Universe, and become a permanent part of the Tapestry of Creation.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

One thing that does appeal to my sense of loving pretty things – is Bunting. No, not the kitschy gingham checks with tassels or flowing ribbons or… no just simple, full of symbol and relevant colours bunting. And I love a good inverted triangle. It’s very feminine You know (think about it folks, the triangle with her point facing down represents the vessel of the womb, the inner feminine, the womb…) So it’s not flags that I have an issue with, just ugly ones. But You only need to look at Pinterest and cruise a few crafty blogs to know that Bunting is back in style baby! In fact, it has taken me quite a lot of effort to not start up a Pinterest board exclusively dedicated to bunting. I haven’t done it. Yet. But I still might!

So combining the concepts of the Tibetan Prayer Flag with Bunting, I have really started to love my own version of making Prayer Flags. For the CMJE in 2012, after each Vision (Guided Visualisation) that I led the Women through, they were each given a sheet of calico and decorated the fabric in whatever Creative Transformative Way they needed to, to anchor the concepts of what we were Working with at the time. Because we worked together for 13 months, we each now have 13 flags to string and hang somewhere to remind us of the Clan Mother Journey and the lessons we got in Being Truth.

The great things about this process is that You can use whatever form of creativity You enjoy : stitching, painting, drawing, writing… and You can also put them together in which ever order You like. We had individual pieces of fabric for the Women to take home each month, but my friend Rachel just showed me these Blessing Flags that You could buy and they’re already made up for You. How fab!

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | LunationYou could also:

  • Cut triangles out of paper and staple / tape to string / ribbon as bunting
  • Recycle old t’shirts and decorate them
  • Find bark on the ground (how good would paperbark be Aussies!) : write your prayers, hang it in a tree
  • Make miniature flags and hang in your car
  • Guerrilla Art your town with Prayer flags
  • Make Prayer Flag mini jewellery like this

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

When Prayer Flagging as a Creative Transformative Process, be sure to follow the first 3 Steps of the Process before You get to the arty part and You will create some really Awesome New-ness in your Life. I’d love to See your CTPs and hear about what You did or how you did it different! Be sure to comment below or tag me on facebook with your images of your great creations!

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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