The Self Crafted Life Year Book is made for people who don’t need so much schedule and to-do list, and still desire to be in rhythm with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and Self. Self Crafting is defined as what we do when we create a life that is truly our own.

This is an excellent primer in tracking your individual flow. It speaks to the Rhythm of Life, tracing the cycles of the Moon and making space to track your own cycle, whether it be emotional, menstrual, environmental…. whatever you desire to track and become more focused with, the Year Book will guide you through the steps to become all you can be. When we get in rhythm with the outer flow of the world, our inner world flows more easily too.

The Year Book is a delightful stand alone journal for the year. It gently guides you in keeping your Vision, and honouring your own personal journey. Perfect for teens as well as women just starting out on a journey of paying attention to your own individual flow.

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