The ‘She Who Is’ Units are thirteen parts of a deep year-long course with the Cosmic Mamas.

This work was originally inspired by Jamie Sams’ book The 13 Original Clan Mothers, and has grown over the five years that I’ve been teaching with it, into the current format, tailored to respond and contribute to my own experience and culture of the Women’s Mysteries movement and the Rhythm of Life.

The integration of the Cosmic Mamas with the shamanic tools of Self Crafting have enabled the development of a thorough map for living a life, where integrity and authenticity take first place.

The Cosmic Mama Units appear in the middle of Turtle Labyrinth, as the central awareness for creating a life that sets you free. The Units are available as part of the annual R.E.b.E.L. Membership, or may be purchased as an all-in-one course or 13 Individual Units. Units are delivered via email each month. Each Unit contains :

  • Working details of this Cosmic Mama
  • Key teachings on the Rhythm of Life
  • Journal for this Cosmic Mama including guided reflection and processes
  • Guided Visioning
  • Creature Teacher Vision
  • Ceremony for this Cosmic Mama
  • A song for this Cosmic Mama (words and .mp3)

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