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Join Hollie for an exploration of the Rhythm of Life. Discover the women’s map for being in flow with life and everything in it, so that you can navigate the busy everyday with ease.

Get a group together for an educational workshop (with props and fun) for The Rhythm of Life.

Learn :

  • how women’s bodies and our life cycles are deeply attuned to the cycles of nature
  • how you can work with The Rhythm to make your own life easier
  • to always know when you will require rest or when you will have extra energy, ahead of time
  • what you can do to ensure your own needs are met, even in busy times
  • to make self care a priority and still have time for everything else!

This is an in-depth lesson (approximately 2 hours) that builds on the information in my eBook Rhythm of Life : a map for Self Crafting. The session is Incredibly interactive and heaps of fun!

This session is also an excellent way to introduce girls and young women to the value of their menstrual cycle, by understanding our powerful relationship to all of nature’s rhythms.

Rhythm of Life workshops give a language and setting for understanding our bodies, the seasons and the cycles of Mother Nature. Girls who learn the Rhythm of Life language together, will forever have a discourse that honours their journey through menstruation, self care, child birth and beyond. Imagine growing up like that!

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