This is a product to help women get Real about what it means to be in rhythm. We all have different rhythms, each as individual as the awesome selves that we are, and in the busy life of a mama or working woman, it seems it is just too easy for us to forget about what we need to honour the Self.

My Own Red Tent is a 4-part Planner that leads you through the important ways to look after and honour You, following the map for Self Crafting – the Rhythm of Life. And it works no matter where and how You live, who You live with, and no matter what You Do.

The Planners honour the essence of the work of my favourite Women’s Mysteries educator and dear friend, Jane Hardwicke Collings from Moonsong & Shamanic School of Midwifery. I’ve been following Jane’s work for such a long time, and I love the idea that as we enter each new cycle within our cycle, we are shifting into a different “season”. Just as Mama Earth moves from one season to another, women move on also. In Summer, our body needs very different things than it does in Winter, and as our menstrual cycle shifts from one season to another, we can honour the bodies needs in a similar way.

This item is available as a download or a laminated version posted directly to you house.

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