Introducing your guide to an unlimited, self crafted year


The Lunation Annual Planner is the diary for busy people who desire to create a life that sets you free.

This planner is for anyone who’s annoyed with not having enough space to record appointments and needs of the day, along with important lunar and seasonal information. It’s for you if you’re tired of empty, useless pages in other journals. If your life is full of loose to-do lists, reminders ad goal sheets – this is the solution!

Drawing on the Rhythm of Life : cycles of nature and human evolution, the Planner supports the architecture of your day, including evidence-based methodology for easy organisation, motivation, healthy habits and success.

This diary could change your life!

Really though, it’s much more than a diary – it’s a Planner because it holds dates and times and events.. as well as providing a formula to create your vision, reach your targets and actualise your desires. It takes you through the steps to plan a focused, intentional, awesome life every day in little time, and with ease.

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