In this digital age, there’s just so many places to visit, feeds to watch, content to read and programs to sign up to…

I’m personally dedicated to curating my digital interactions including how I relate to social media. I’m also dedicated to sovereignty of intellectual property and personal data, and feel very uncomfortable with big corporates having ownership of my content.

Enter yet another Platform..

These are some of the reasons why I’m slowly moving my content and interactions to the Self Crafted Life Platform.

Also, the Platform allows me to hold space for my courses, content and connections in a way that honours the work, without all the overflow of social media or advertising.

So that’s why when you start working with me, or you sign up for an online course, you receive an invite to join the Self Crafted Life Platform.



A Platform for all Self Crafting

As you may know, I’ve been producing content for years, teaching courses and creating items like the Lunation Annual Planner. Throughout this time, every in-person class I’ve taught has been recorded, and I’m finally getting to convert those recordings into usable content for everyone to access.

It all lives on the new Platform : Self Crafted Life.

You may or may not also know that my company Institute for Self Crafting has multiple branches, 1:1 work being only one of them. Wise Gatherings is an event organisation branch, under which I run a large health conference annually called Wise Women Gathering. And of course, my little Movement school here in Braidwood, Motion Ninja Academy is another branch. And more recently, The Saddle Camp has joined the party too!

The Self Crafted Life platform allows for a merging and immersion into these spaces with prerecorded content, live webinars, and online meetups. Basically, it’s everything I do in one place, created in a way that benefits the most people.



What’s in there?

As a 1:1 Self Crafter working with me, many of the course bundles and private online spaces that other people have to pay for, are available to you without payment. It’s what I mention in the 7 anxiety-removing reasons why you might work with me part of my website about Freebies.

On the Platform you’ll find

  • Coaching programs looking through the filter of Self-Psychology, Thoughtwork, the Rhythm and Positive Psychology while learning how to get the most from your Lunation Annual Planner
  • Wellness Courses through the lens of mitochondrial health, the Rhythm and the Self Crafted Wellness Protocol
  • True Arrow – a course to create good habits
  • a private ‘Circle’ (think of it like a group on Facebook) for 1:1 people, where you’ll find tools for Self Crafting
  • In the Red Tent – all the content I’ve ever produced about Women’s Circles and Sacred Space – while I’m not holding space for group sessions currently, there’s so much here for you to create your own sacred space, and in the future I will hold online Circles there
  • plus content in relation to Wise Gatherings and Motion Ninja Academy
  • an ongoing updating of content – I’ve only just touched the sides of what’s possible with this platform, and will continue to add things as I have time/space


Can I have access even if I’m not working 1:1 with Hollie?

There’s a heap of free content, Wellness Courses and articles on the Platform available to anyone who chooses to join. You can just select the Free membership.

When you’re inside, you’ll also see the many course possibilities and Memberships that you may or may not add on at any time.

Another benefit of joining as a Free Member means you have access to the conversations that we’re having on any of the content.




Other Questions


Question : Do I have to join to access Hollie’s content?

Answer : Over the coming months more and more of the content on this website will be moved across to the Platform. If you want access to the courses and any extra content the Platform is the only way to get them. For example, there is now no tools and content regarding Red Tent on this Institute website. As we move forward there will be less and less tools and strategy-based content here too.


Question : Will other people be able to see me there?

Answer : Yes, it’s just like Facebook in that you join, add a profile pic if you want, and create a profile page. Of course, you can use a fake name and different photo if you want, but I really encourage everyone to come in as themselves. Part of the reason for me, in creating this platform is providing a space where amazing people who are Crafting incredible Selves can network and connect. ( If you do sign up with a different name, please at least let me know who you are in the virtual world 🙂 )


Question : Why not use Facebook?

Answer : With this platform structure (hosted by Mighty Networks), I keep ownership of all the content, and control what and where things go. With the ever changing nature of Facebook’s power, and news coming to light of them sharing data with government and private corporations, I’ve decided to protect my and my contacts’ information by creating my own platform.


Question : Do you (Hollie) make money out of this?

Answer :  Yes, and no.

I don’t directly make money out of 1:1 Self Crafters joining the platform, nor do I get money from Free Member joiners.

If you decide you’d like to enter some of the other branches, like the Wise Gatherings course material, you will pay a fee, just as anyone who purchases an online course would do.

For other people, external to the 1:1 program, you can purchase courses, and (I hope) this is how I will make money off this platform. The courses I’m offering are unique and valuable, and there is very little, if anything, like it already in the world. I’m hoping that this platform enables me to share the information more broadly, so that more people crate a life that sets them free!


Question : Will you check up on me if I don’t join?

Answer : No. It’s totally up to you. I will ask you in Session if you received the message, just to be sure it arrived. After that, the rest is up to you.

I believe the platform sends reminder messages for invites that haven’t been accepted in the first week or so, but I don’t think that will happen to you, because the way you’re receiving the invite is through me instead of via their system. If you do get a reminder, and you’re not interested, it hasn’t come from me, and you’re welcome to ignore it.


I hope you’ll be able to find value at the Self Crafted Life Platform. If you have any problems, let me know!