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Planner Supplement

In an effort to keep the Lunation Annual Planner as focused and precise as possible, I didn’t include any instructions or details in the actual books. My vision is always to provide a product that 100% has what you need, and doesn’t include anything you don’t need. It’s all about clarity and being in your own flow.

There are a few concepts and pages inside that I did want to provide you an explanation for. So the Supplement was born.

You’re welcome.

You will probably find my The Rhtyhm Starts Here video very useful too.


The Rhythm

The Lunation Annual Planner is based on the Rhythm of Life, a Map for Self Crafting.

Watch an in-depth exploration of the layers of the map here : The Rhythm Starts Here >>>

You can get a copy of my Rhythm of Life ebook to even more deeply understand the Rhythm.

I also teach face-to-face about The Rhythm. Find details here >>>



Planner Videos

To support all of you wondrous ones, I’ve been creating little videos throughout the year to show-off some of the unique aspects of the Planner. Check them out below :





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Lunation Annual Planner 2020

2020 Lunation Annual Planner

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