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Recently my dear friend and superwoman, Petra came to visit. We recorded an interview and she took a bunch of great photos.

Petra is starting a new podcast and blog project, and you can find her website at Petra Jungmanova where she has begun interviewing interesting people who are rocking their life.

Petra came to Australia from the Czech Republic just over a decade ago, and has had an epic journey in becoming her Self Crafted Self. Our children were at Montessori preschool together, and we’ve become sistars over the years since. I’m in awe of the incredible woman Petra is and all that she has accomplished in the last ten years. She’s writing a book and her story is so inspirational.

Petra wrote a sweet blogpost about me here>>> . When you read it, make sure you have a gorgeous strong Czech accent in your head – then you’ll get the whole experience 🙂

The interview we recorded is here on Soundcloud>>>. I’m talking about Authenticity, what brought me to this place and space, how we home school, how I healed myself from a life threatening illness and what my work is ultimately about. There’s also a short video on Youtube >>> from the interview, before the camera died…


And here are some of the photos Petra shot, with captions – think of it as spending an afternoon in my world.

Bus life actually means “outside life.” We spend as much time as possible outside the bus : eating, moving, working, learning… most screen time is taken outside. My routines and rhythms are honed to encourage optimum and intentional living. Habits are my building blocks for wellness AND the only way I can achieve all the things I do : mumming, homeschooling, growing food, Uni, housewifing, running two businesses, socialising, writing, dog training, seeing clients, community work and my hobbies…


Our “dining area” is a coffee table in the garden with rocks as chairs. The rocks came from our ground, hand dug by me as I built the mandala garden. We have a guideline to always sit on a different boulder each time you use the table, to ensure constant changes in body position. We don’t have any seating inside the bus – just beds, and our (Bolj and I) bed is on the floor. This forces our bodies to be constantly up and down and never in one place.


I am barefoot 98% of the time. My feet are never clean. If I do wear shoes around home they are Vibram Five Fingers, and usually only to protect from the dog’s mighty feet if we’re in a training session. I believe in “natural movement” rather than “exercise.” Most of the routines of my day are designed to move my body in various ways. At least one hour, preferably two, of daily walking is compulsory for my Self Care. My movement rules (for myself) include full exertion only if it is for play/fun or if it is required to get food.


Home schooling looks different everyday. I call it “Out of School collaboration” and the children are directive in how and what they desire to learn : nature, movement and outdoors are as highly valued as reading, writing and math. My children walk or help in the garden so that they can match the time to use screens. Double time is allowed for barefoot walking. This is to ensure they are moving their bodies (in as many ways as geometrically possible) as much as they are sitting still and looking close. It also ensures sun/light and “Forest bathing” time.


My garden from The Wilderbuss window. I’ve built chicken domes and tractors that are moved around the mandala frequently. Most beds are round, with shrubs and trees in between. My method is based on Linda Woodrow’s Permaculture book, with ample learning over the years from Jackie French‘s books. I grow most things from Digger’s seeds.  My chook domes are built from Milkwood’s awesome design.


… and zucchs from the garden! We eat a protocol that is made up of 70% local food. Much of our food comes from our own property or someone we know personally. Our local community is a haven for progressive farmers and we chose our property for it’s wondrous growing soil. I have no interest in being a farmer to sell produce : my target is to shift that 70% local food sourcing to 70% at home food sourcing and 20% more local by the end of 2018.


We collect all drinking water from a creek on our property, emerging from the base of the Budawang Mountains, and fed by two springs along the way. Harvesting Wild Water has become an important spiritual practice for me and my body. Carrying water everyday is one of the ways I keep in check with my “What would the ancestors do?” wellness philosophy.


Food storage is not always easy in a small, off-grid living environment (like a bus, or before that a yurt) and I’ve got savvy over the years. I’ve had to let go of ultimate tidiness to fit everything in. Kombucha is next to houseplants is next to dinner plates is next to the computer is on top of the pantry is next to the book shelf is under the printer is… okay, so I haven’t really let go yet! We store lots of things outside and have an interesting fridge/meatsafe/cellar situation. Nothing’s perfect, but it works. And when it doesn’t I just remind myself that mess and tidy are all an equal and important part of the Rhythm. And that’s okay.


Thanks for spending an afternoon with me.








Love you,

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