What if you created One Perfect Day?

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I made my own long bow recently and it’s currently my favourite way to have “me-time”. Shooting arrows into the future and then having to go find them (because I’m not so good at hitting the target 🙂 has a lot of meaning for me around reaching toward my Big Wild Dreams, taking aim and getting closer / more precise each time…

What could happen if you visioned up a day so perfect that it met all your needs and left you feeling fulfilled, nourished and whole? What if that one day became real, and it spawned more perfect days? What could you create in your world?

The work of Self Crafting requires a target to aim for. It’s much easier to move forward when you have some idea where you’re headed? A target differs from a goal.

Whereas a goal can be thought of as a certain allocated space that must be hit in order to achieve the desired outcome, a target is a general area you need to hit, but you don’t have to hit right in the centre to have made it.

With a goal, there’s no room for mistakes, changes or new understanding. Once you decide on a goal, then you have to achieve exactly that to be happy, and you will be sure to only create things that will make that goal happen, and nothing outside of it. What about all the other possibilities? A goal doesn’t allow you to include new information or energy that might come along. You still have to get that goal, even if the information has changed.

With a target, simply hitting somewhere in the vicinity is a good start, and the you can realign, refocus and aim again. By then, the target might have moved a few inches in either direction but that’s okay, because you are including all the new possibilities in your refocus for the next aim. A target allows room for movement and takes the limiting pressures away…

The One Perfect Day tool is a thought experiment to open a space that will be made real. By visioning the way you desire things to be, you will begin to make life choices that move you toward your vision. Nothing is the same forever : Aim and shoot, each time resetting your arrow slightly to set an even better course.

Knowing what you desire is the starting block for getting there.
It gives you something to continually aim for, and is totally adjustable in times of growth and change.

In the Self Crafted Wellness Journal we start by creating the target of One Perfect Day. Think of it as a peg on which to hang all of the 52 action steps for wellness, and will give you an excellent frame to set your sight.

Visioning One Perfect Day

Step 1) Get a pen and paper, because you’ve got some serious brain creating to do!

Step 2) Feel into this Question :

What would I be if I were living a perfect day,

with no limitations or consequences,

that truly nourished and fulfilled me in every way?

Step 3) Now start to create.

Remember : No Limitations!

Use the points below to dream up an average perfect day in your life. This is the perfect day you could have for the rest of your life! Get creative and be authentic about what you truly desire.

Engage all of You! As you dream vision the feelings, sounds, tastes and what thi perfect day looks like.

  • Where could you live?
  • What could your house look like?
  • What could it smell like?
  • What time in the morning could you wake up?
  • What could you do in the morning?
  • What could you reflect on in the morning?
  • What could you eat for breakfast?
  • Where could you go for the first part of the day?
  • What could you have for lunch?
  • Who could you eat with?
  • Who could your friends/tribe be?
  • What discussions could you have with friends/tribe?
  • What could your tribe be like? What could you enjoy doing together?
  • What could your Self Care look like?
  • What meaning could you find in your everyday actions?
  • What could you do to create money?
  • What time could you start/do/finish work?
  • What realationships could rock your world?
  • What could you do with your beloved and your family?
  • What could you do for family time?
  • What could you do at night?
  • What could your thoughts be as you went to sleep?

Lots of questions right? Detail is totes important here because the more care you put into the visioning, the more likely you are to make your vision a reality.

Step 4) When you’re done here, write your vision in the front of your Self Crafted Wellness Journal, or perhaps combine it with your Vision Statement and write in your Lunation Annual Planner or simply stick it on your wall and…

Step 5) …Chase your Big Wild Dreams!

You can check out an average afternoon in my life here>>>, a design of my own Self Crafting.

I can’t wait to find out what you create! #selfcraftedwellness







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