New Year’s Creation

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This magickal time of the calendar year, that is at once a beginning and an end, can be a powerful time to set new targets and activate your Vision. Many customs have survived from the past, into modern times for celebrating the beginning of the year. Probably best known and most used in our society (other than the epic party) is the tradition of making self-promises to create a “better” coming year.

How many times have you set a New Year’s Resolution only to have broken your promise before January has even come to an end?

To be “resolute” is to be purposeful, determined and unwavering…. in other words, when you have a resolution you are choosing to stick to one possibility as though it is the only right and good option. A resolution is a judgement of what you’ve decided is the best way to be and the best thing to do.

Create New Year's customs that work for You!
Is this the year you will create New Year customs that work for You!

But things never show up the way you think they will. And the Universe has so many more possibilities to offer than I’d bet you haven’t even thought of!

When you commit to a resolution, a solution, an answer, a purpose; you are committing to one way. Committing to one way is like taking that answer you’ve decided upon, placing it inside a neat little box, putting the lid on top, and saying “This is the only way it can be”. You’ve decided on the one way that you think will work best, and in the meantime you’ve blocked out an infinite number of possibilities that you don’t even know exist. Nothing else can get into that box. And nothing can get out either.

Your resolution is only one possibility… What else is possible?

What if there are possibilities that you haven’t even thought of, that will create so much more of the reality you desire? Isn’t that more attractive than one resolution that you aren’t even going to achieve?!

I invite you to take your New Year’s Resolution and throw it straight in the trash – like today, before New Year even arrives! You don’t need it.

What if you aim for New Year’s Creation instead?

A New Year’s Creation invites possibility. It doesn’t block it out. That’s because a New Year’s Creation comes from Question. While conclusions offer rigid judgements that trap you where you are, questions offer choice and possibility you weren’t aware of before. Questions invite the Universe to contribute to your desire.

A NYResolution could look like : “I will lose 15kg this year.” A NYCreation would look more like : “What can I and my Body do to be healthier and feel more vital than ever before?”

A NYResolution could look like : “This year I will get a salary rise by $10k p/annum” A NYCreation would look more like : “What will the Universe bring me that will allow me to make more money than I’ve ever even dreamed of?”

A NY Resolution could look like : “This year I will buy a house in a good neighbourhood”. A NYCreation would look more like : “What energy can I be that will enable me to purchase the house of my dreams right away?”

Do you see the difference? Questions open the energy and invite possibility. It’s like you are affirming to the Universe “This is what I desire, AND I trust you to take care of the details.”

What will it take to create this year to match your Vision?
What will it take to create this year to match your Vision?

It doesn’t stop there, of course. Asking the Question is only part of the work. The other part is taking action that matches your desire. You can go ahead and live your everyday, working with the energy of your desire, rather than the energy of your conclusion/resolution. Everything becomes a choice. Does this option match my desire? Choose it or don’t.

Give it a go!

Oh, and one more thing about affirmation-ing and questioning and making big statements to the Universe : just like symbols, words have specific energy associated with them too.

The word “want” has more association with the meaning “to lack.” In other words, whenever you say “I want money” you are telling the Universe “I lack money.” Try it out for yourself out loud. Say “I want” something and see how it feels.

Now swap that word out for “desire : “I desire money,” “I desire a joyful day” etc. Desire comes from the Latin desiderate, meaning to feel a keen desire for something that is currently lacking.

Try one and then the other and feel if the two statements are different. Try “want” and then “desire.” Is one heavier feeling than the other? Which feels better when you shape the words around your NYCreation? Does it feel open and full of possibilities, or does it feel heavy and encumbered?

So now you have a bunch of tools to get you started for the year ahead.
I’d love to hear about your NYCreation Questions : Post them below in the comments and let the whole world celebrate your vision along with you!

Make Your Own Magick for the New Year

Blackeyed Peas are an edible Pea used in Magicks of Luck and New Fortunes. Peas are known to bring profits and wealth in business.

Black Eyed Peas for good fortune and attracting the awesome things in life
Black Eyed Peas for good fortune and attracting the awesome things in life

The custom of eating dishes made from peas for the New Year has become common in many parts of the world. Kitchen WitchCrafting may be utilised by cooking dishes with peas for luck and fortune. Add herbes such as Basil and Chamomile for fortune, and then Garlic and Peppers for their protective powers.

To make a Conjure bag for Good Luck in new ventures, collect Alum, Little John Root, Crossroads Dust and Mojo Beans in a Red Mojo Bag. Feed with Blessed Water everyday for seven days, and carry the bag on your person.

Blackeyed Peas love colour magicks, and will take on the vibration of whichever colours you place it with. Add to coloured Mojo Bags for extra strength for the Spell.

In Southern US, the customs of Pea eating have been popularly combined with the Scottish New Year tradition of First Footing, to become a yearly ritual of calling in Luck and Good Fortune. The modern interpretation of these customs have created Magicks of blessing and attraction via like attracts like principles. Use Blackeyed Peas with curios that symbolise that which you desire to draw to You.

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For more information about Spellcrafting with Botanicals and Curios, keep an eye out for my Grimoire due to be republished July 2017.

Happy New Year!





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