My Personal Journey to Wellness

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….. here’s the short version ….

In 2009 I was hospitalised with an unknown virus. I spent a week going in and out of hospital with spiking temperatures over 40 degrees celsius and undiagnosed stabbing pains throughout my body.

Seven years of cellular transformation looks like me being stronger and healthier at age 35 than ever before. Now I’m sharing the method I found in my own personal health quest so that everyone I meet may also experience Optimal Wellness.

Eventually I was sent home and told “We don’t know, but you’re not dying anymore.”

It took me three weeks just to be able to get from the couch to the toilet on my own. My menstrual cycle was a disaster. If someone sniffled two streets away, I became ill. Gastro too! After a lifetime of activity, it suddenly seemed that I couldn’t walk in a straight line without spraining some muscle or ligament.

For years I fought with my body to find health again. I tried every diet plan, exercise regime, and “natural health” treatment. I studied everything I could get my hands on, until I started to unveil what I now call the Wellness layer of the Rhythm of Life.

I now know that it takes seven years for our bodies to entirely transform its cellular structure. Health does not come with a quick fix plan. However, our bodies are the descendant bodies of our wild ancestors, and the answers to Optimal Wellness are in the rhythms of the natural world.

When my friends and health practitioners saw my wellness success, they started asking me “What are you doing now?” and “Why aren’t you teaching other people this?” So here we are dear reader, and my Self Crafted Wellness program is making its way into the world.

I’m not into supplements, exercise plans, special diets, cherry-picked science or tricky promises. I’m into nature and her wisdom. And sharing what I’ve learned with others.

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