Menstruation, menstruation, menstruation…

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In my years of working in the Women’s Mysteries field, I’ve noticed a much welcomed change in the language of menstruation.

Women certainly speak with more sophistication and with increased freedom about our menstrual cycles and this is fabulous because we know that positive representation produces increased long term health benefits both physically and mentally.

Now, having witnessed the benefit of a more liberated dialogue around menstruation let’s also call to reality the elephant in the room. Men, there’s something here for you too.

It has become common for women to refer to their menstrual cycle as “My Cycle” as though it is the one true measurement to all of life’s joy or misery.

“My Cycle” often receives encouragement for regulation and for alerting us to red flags within our own rhythm. For example, knowing when the shedding phase is on its way can be great for monitoring your internal resources and taking time to replenish your stores.

“My Cycle” is also still being used by many women as the excuse for just about any dysfunctional emotion, sensation or impulse to do, or not do, any particular activity. For example, melting down at your boyfriend because he didn’t do the dishes can be a great way to call on “My Cycle” to take responsibility for your shitty inability to move well through the entire cyclical adventures of life : The Rhythm.

“My Cycle” is also apparently regularly responsible for getting out of events you never really wanted to go to in the first place. Rather than owning the choice to say no and possibly offend someone, or (heavens forbid) work through your FOMO, “My Cycle” is a thorough way to get out of that responsibility.

“My Cycle” has been blamed for not showing up to shitty jobs we hate, eating crappy food and not meeting professional deadlines.

But here’s the message from your Self Crafting conscience:

Your cycle is not the reason you don’t show up for yourself or anyone else.

Self Crafting is about ownership of the shape of your life which means choosing how you move through life. You are not dictated by any one of the cyclical relationships in your life. They are markers only.

You get to choose how to do the Rhythm. Every step of the way.

I imagine the other metabolic cycles in your body; eg. cycles that engage your sleep, digestion, and organ function as the Jan Brady of body cyclical awareness. Instead of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia,” your deeper awareness that knows there’s so much more to the Rhythm, is crying “Menstruation, Menstruation, Menstruation!”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that women are showing up with an awareness of our menstrual cycles. It’s awesome to know when your body needs space and when you can push harder. I’m not taking that away from anyone. Keep owning that! It’s rad. You’re awesome.

And now that you’ve got that cycle sorted, align your life to truly be authentic with that which your menstrual cycle is informing, yeah?

Do yourself, your awareness and your Rhythm a favour, and get real about the ways you choose to relate to your many internal cycles and the external cycles that govern the World around.

True Self Crafting is choosing ownership of the sum of all the parts : the whole.

When you allow yourself to be governed by “My Rhythm” rather than one of your cycles, the entire universe will open to you.

It’s time for women to develop a deeply personal acknowledgment of individual Rhythm, to live authentically the beat of your own drum, and to own your choices everyday based on an intimate awareness of the way you move through the world.


Honouring the Rhythm

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