Make your own Magick with the Moon

In rhythm with the moon, the sun, the Earth, and your Self, My Own Red Tent is a perfect accompaniment to the Flow Pair.

Taking aim at your Big Wild Dreams is all the more Power-full when you work in harmony with the Rhythms of everything around us.

The Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the other Planets can all effect the energies of alignment – which means when you take aim, it’s really really important to check out what’s going on with the Big Mamas and Papas to ensure that your magick will get the boost You want.

Humans are said to be deeply connected to the rhythms of the moon, affected by the changing phases, from waxing to full, and back around to the waning moon.

You might notice that you feel different at different times of the lunation (moon cycle). Paying Attention to your energy at different times of the month will help guide you in how best to use the moon’s energy to your advantage. Similarly, all of the Planets in their changing phases will have sway over the energies, and the zodiac of the moon changes every 2.5 days!

The information in the Flow Pair is designed with all this in mind.

You can also learn more about the moon phases and what they can do for youb in the Lunation Botanical Grimoire (due out December 2017).