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10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Today’s Creative Transformative Process is all about using Words : Writing.

Do You know why good writing is called Spelling? Because Words carry power-full intention. When we use them in a clear and concise manner, Magick occurs.

So everything You write is a Spell.

Some People are happiest with a pen in their hand. Before computers were a really huge thing, that was me. In fact, I decided what I would do after high school purely because I knew I liked to hold a pen in my hand and write for hours. Even as a youngin I knew I had to do what made my heart sing. So I flipped through the careers book and jotted down every occupation that I thought sounded interesting and pen-like. It led me to a degree in Professional Writing and Literature, which has led me (in a round-about kind of Way) to where I am today.

Although the computer is now my pen on most days, I still do All of my personal intentional writing by hand. There is something about watching the ink flow on the paper and knowing that You are making this small Magick that inspires the heart. Or maybe that’s just me…?

If You get what I’m saying here, then this Creative Transformative Process is totally up your alley! In other words, You’ll love this one. It’s all about writing.

Creative Transformative Process #3

So You’ve done the first 3 Steps in the clearing your blockages and removing limitations, and You’re ready for some sort of Creative Transformative Process that really floats your boat? Well, ta-daaaah! Here is one for the authors and writers.

Today we are using words to anchor our intentions and Create a New Way of Being. It’s pretty simple. You just write exactly where You want your Path tot Purpose to lead You. Be specific, but not too specific, if You know what I mean? For example : Say something like : My Vision is for a life of abundance, happiness and joy – rather than “I want a ferrari because that will make me happy”. Yo get it?

3 things You should know about intentional writing :

  • Always always use positive Language. The Universe hears each word and puts the concept together.

  • Never ever think that Your intention won’t come to Be. Trust in the Divine to provide for You

  • Leave room for the Gods to do what is best. Include the phrase ‘If it be for the Highest Good’ in Your Writing

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Now for the really creative part – and quite the Secret weapon in really Power-full Magickal Work.

Use Magickal Code because

it’s direct communication

between You

and the Universe

Magickal coded writing is not a new concept. Writing itself was once regarded as an area of ability exclusive to magicians and spiritual ‘clergy’. Many mythologies have stories of how writing was passed from the Gods to humans. A variety of alphabets exist for the purposes of magick. Witches use Magickal Alphabets to ensure the workings in any Spell remain secret. Using code means you can write exactly what you want the outcome of your Spell to be, and nobody else will know your intent.

Hollie B.’s exclusive Magickal Code for writing your Vision

This is the Code I use for all Magickal Work. You’ll notice that it pops up all over the place.

Lunation’s Magickal Alphabet is designed with the moon in mind. You will notice the feminine, rounded shape in each symbol, reminiscent of the Moon and the womb. These are purposeful attributes, to work with the powers of the Goddess and Divine Balance.

Traditionally each group of Medicine People have their own sacred symbols and magickal words. This alphabet has become the sacred symbols of the Lunatribe, as it features in my Botanical Grimoire and is used by customers all over Australia.

Hollie B.'s Exclusive Magickal Code - for the Lunatribe. Copyright Hollie B. and Lunation

© Hollie B & Lunation Pty. Ltd. 2010-4 www.lunationonline.com

 So write your intentions for the New Way You want to live. Write about it in Magickal Code so that You communicate directly to the energies of the Universe. Then sit back and watch as your Dream Life unveils before your very eyes!

I’d love to hear about how your Visions came a Living Reality through the use of Letters and Lunation’s Magickal Code. Be sure to comment below and post your photos on facebook – tag me in them so I can enjoy your Awesome Work!


Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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