Hollie B.’s KIIS Chant

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Hollie B.'s KIIS Chant

Hello darling heart R.E.b.E.L.s, may you be having a rad day!

This video below is all about one of my most popular lessons. I’ve been sharing this with women for years and they always say things like “you should record that Hollie,” and here it finally appears.

For Members, you will find a stack more info in Unit 2 at Turtle Labyrinth. This Chant is actually an integral part of the work in the epic Five Faces of Goddess Workbook. But even if you’re not a Member of the Institute yet, I’m sure you will find creative ways to use this special song in your own space.

I’m cool with you sharing the KIIS chant with your circles if it works for you; of course that offer comes with a memo about referencing the source – in other words, let those people you share it know it came from here!

Does the KIIS Chant remind you of something? That’s probably because it was inspired by the super-famous-in-the-witchy-world chant that is part of The Burning Times song by Charlie Murphy. What’s that? You’ve never heard that song? Well when you’re finished watching my video, head over to YouTube and listen to it here. This is one of my favourite versions by Ozzie band Spiral Dance.

Love You!

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