I’m so stoked you got yourself a Self Crafted Wellness Journal! I can’t wait to see the incredible life you create!

You’ll notice that the Journal is littered with urls for adding even more to your journey. I find it irritating when books are filled with lengthy explanations, that really aren’t necessary. So the way I design my books is to give you exactly the information you need, then pop added bonuses on this site for the R.E.b.E.L.s who wish to take it further.

If you don’t need the extra info, look away now! Head back to your Journal and start creating your amazing Wellness!

Or, have a quick flick through the details below, take what you need, and leave the rest behind.


The information in the Self Crafted Wellness Journal, or in these web pages should not be taken as medical advice. I’m not a doctor.

Rather, the information in the Journal would be best taken as if it were a love letter written by a dear friend who’s wish is to support you in every way possible to be the best version of yourself so far. I’m a self-directed learner who, after experiencing life-threatening illness and long term chronic disease, gave up on “The Doctor Paradigm” to embark on an education journey of the evolutionary wisdom of our Wild Human Ancestors, seeking Wellness.

The information in the Journal is an adapted template of how I, over seven years of research and self-experimentation reclaimed my health and created a life that set me free.

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This Journal is a guide for paying attention to that which you DO, so that Wellness becomes all that you Be. The 52 action points each reflect an element of Wellness, so when all 52 are activated together, you have a blueprint for optimal living that will always enable you to be your best self so far!

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Self Crafting requires setting your aim on a target. It’s much easier to move forward when you have some idea where you’re headed? Set your aim for the perfect day that would meet all your needs and leave you fulfilled. This is your Vision as you Do the work of Self Crafting your Wellness.

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The Self Crafted Wellness protocol is a part of a larger system at the Institute called the Rhythm of Life.

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Would you like to connect with other R.E.b.E.L.s who are Self Crafting Wellness? The conversation has begun in a closed Facebook Group for people who are using the Journal and participating in the Self Crafted Wellness protocol via courses and coaching sessions. Join us for discussions and to share your success.

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Get inspired by how other people are creating Wellness and activating the 52 Points via the gorgeous photos on Instagram. You don’t have to have an account to view the images, just click the link. If you are an Instagram user, be sure to use the #selfcraftedwellness hashtag when you post your photos, and have them set to public so we can all see them.

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Every action in this Journal is supported by scientific data. To learn more, and for links to help you in your wellness journey, I’ve created a special, ever-evolving information page for you.

The Get Educated Page >>>


Daily checklists are provided at the back so you can view how your habits stack-up AND keep score of your Wellness Points!

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A 52 Wellness Points Poster for you >>>

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Each week you are guided to a new action for Self Crafting your Wellness. Decide that which you will prioritise and set a target for the week : eg. “#6 : eat my breakfast outside every morning.”

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At the end of the week, take a moment to review.


Each day take notice of your habits and patterns with clear tracking.

If you’re anything like me, you might like to use a fail-safe method for planning your day. I created exactly that a few years ago!

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The Journal invites you to deep self work, in order to create the best version of yourself so far. When you live a life guided by creating more and more awesome, you ensure that each version is better than the last: better awareness = better choice = better resources = better being. Don’t get stuck in the past with words like “the best ever”! Create the best so far, and keep on creating more!

Remember these insights from the article on Habits :

  • Wherever you are, is the perfect place to start
  • No need for comparison
  • Follow your wild heart

If in doubt, use your innate wisdom to decide what to do next.

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Setting your aim and constantly readjusting from your current awareness is an act of Self Crafting. We never know how things will show up, but they do.

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Sometimes creating change can bring up a whole lotta stuff for you and the people around you. Trust the process and make time for Self Care. This journey is worth it!

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If at anytime you’re feeling lost, need some questions answered or would like to work alongside a coach, I’m available for one-on-one coaching.

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I can’t wait to find out what you create! #selfcraftedwellness