Institute for Self Crafting is for people who believe this world is so much more than what the mainstream paradigm is offering.

This is for anyone who is ready for immediate change to live your most desirable life.

Enter the virtual halls of the Institute for Self Crafting …

I will teach you to take actions that set you free form the boring, limiting boxes that everyone else is tolerating. Self Crafting is the process of eliminating the blockages that keep you form being everything you could be.

I also show you how to use traditional wisdom in the areas of mental, environmental, emotional, physical and spiritual health to build a life overflowing with benefits. Sessions, events, books and online content promote personal, positive action so that anyone can be the full contribution they came to this life to be.

You know you are living a Self Crafted Life when you are responding from autonomous choice, rather than reacting from fear. Self Crafters create connections that out-thrive all else society has to offer.

Our people are truly the artisans of their own reality.


Work with me, Hollie B., OR work through any of the Units in Turtle Labyrinth, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.


Working with Hollie B.

I’m available for consultation in person or via Zoom.

I offer tools to help you live the authentic life you’ve always dreamed of. Together, we will take the world you imagine, and empower you to turn that into a reality!

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About Hollie B.

Hollie Bakerboljkovac is a therapist and coach with a background in natural and ancestral health, wellness, sacred space, martial arts and functional movement, home education, offgrid living and Women’s Mysteries.

Her mission is to support people who know there’s more to life, to craft the best self-version so far. She is passionate about empowering people to live well, with an unlimited and unbound life.

Hollie has a respectful disregard for the status quo and mainstream culture. She promotes choice and believes in the capacity of human beings to do extraordinary things, when they live authentically.

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Lunation Annual Planner 2020

Lunation Annual Planner

The Planner is the Institute’s signature product, based on the foundations of Self Crafting and Sacred Productivity. It’s a life changer!

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Turtle Labyrinth : Units to help you create a life that sets you free

logosquareUNITS are experiencing an epic overhaul. You won’t find much on the site right now, so make sure you’re on my email list to be notified when the roll out begins.

All Units are delivered to you via email, lesson by lesson. Complete them in your own time.

  • 6 independent at-home Red Tents to honour your Self
  • 6 individual units to deepen the craft of being You
  • 13 journeys to Truth to transform your life with the traditional wisdom of the Cosmic Mamas / Clan Mothers


  • the Sacred Grove is packed with tools, meditations and ebooks for understanding the Rhythm of Life, releasing fear, and reaching Optimal Wellness
  • the Ceremony Circle for at-home rituals to do with your family. Learn about the Circle and its elements in order to develop personal celebrations and traditions that honour the special times.
  • the Soulful Mamas lounge is a special place for Mamas to visit with intentional parenting ebooks and special gifts… (Opening December)
  • the Lunation Apothecary : where You will learn about the properties of Botanicals and Curios for making magick – Hollie B. style. Includes the Lunation Botanical Grimoire ebook (Opening December)
  • the Lunar Temple – home to the Flow Pair : Lunation Annual Planner and the Self Crafting Year Book. Including monthly exercises and calendars for getting in tune and intentional with everything around and within you


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Ceremony Circle Soulful Mamas Lounge Self Crafting for Cosmic Women She Who Works the Truth She Who Honours the Truth She Who Walks the Truth She Who Is the Truth She Who Lives the Truth She Who Accepts the Truth She Who Serves the Truth Keeper of the House Lunation Apothecary She Who Sees the Truth Red Tent for your Inner Magick She Who Gives Thanks for the Truth She Who Hears the Truth She Who Loves the Truth Seasonal Spiral She Who Speaks the Truth Red Tent for Grandmother Moon Red Tent for Gramma Sun Creating Sacred Spaces Lunar TempleTurtle Labyrinth

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