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Hollie B. on instagram

Pretty pictures make the internet worth looking at. Colours, shape, frequency – all that jazz really spruces up a web page or a social media feed and it just seems so much more personal.

Unless you’ve been living under the equivalent to a rock on the internet – which is where you don’t have any social media and never google any images – you will have had an Instagram image cross your path, even if you didn’t know it.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, all of the photos You see come via Instagram. When you look at the feed it will say the post date and time and then ‘via Instagram’, and if you went to my photos on my FB profile, you would find a massive album called : Instagram.

Instagram is my favourite way to do social media. Because I get a glimpse into the beauty of my friends’ lives. AND I can post to one place, that then pushes to Twitter and Facebook as well. #winning.


Ah, a perfect segue to another thing I love about Instagram. #hashtagging!

You’ve probably heard of hashtags, but do you use them?

Do you know what they are?


Hashtags are basically a way to bookmark a concept and view how the rest of the world is seeing it. For example, in the sample pic I’m showing you below of my cat Taruk, you will notice the #bengal which is the breed of both our cats. If you were to tap on that little blue word you will see all of the pictures and videos people all over the world have posted about their Bengal friends – provided they used the same hashtag.

Why is that cool? Because it builds community. Because it reminds us that we have things in common. Because we get to peek inside other peoples world and see how they vision the same thing. #hashtagsbuildfrienship

Now that all sounds a bit serious, but if you look at my profile, you will know that I don’t take hashtagging too seriously. I say all sorts of crazy shiz via hashtag. I love it! Sometimes I don’t use proper English at all. #thatshowiroll #hashtagsforever

Getting yourself on Instagram is not difficult at all. But it does require a mobile device. That’s the best part of Instagram. It was designed for iPhone users who wanted to take snazzy photos on the go, and upload them somewhere for their friends to see. It’s since grown to a worldwide thing on android as well as iPhone where people engage on all different levels, ( that and it was bought out by Facebook a while ago ). Professional Photographers get into it as much as amateur happy snappers like you and me.

Have you noticed that everyone who posts from Instagram has really beautiful photos. Did you think it was because they are very artistic and you was thinkin’ “Oh man, there’s no point me doing that because my photos never look that good!”?

Instagrammers have a secret weapon that those of you outside of the guild don’t know about. They’re called filters and they make your photos look hot!

Here’s how a filter works :

1. Take a photo on your phone in shitty light and with some ugly stuff going on in the edge of your pic.

photo 4

2. Open Instagram and click the middle icon to upload a photo. There’s a portal to your photo library down there on the left. You’ll find your pic in there.

photo 3

3. Crop it, turn it around, and cut out that ugly bizo from the edge of your pic. Hit next.

4. Choose your filter. Just click on each option until you see what you like.

photo 2

5. Write your words and your hashtags.

6. Tag other people if you want (just like fb)

photo 1

7. Say where you are – you can search for locations that Instagram already knows about (like restaurants, public buildings, parks, streets…) or custom make your own.

8. Share to social media

9. And go!

photo 5

#BAM you are now an Instagrammer! AND you take gorgeous photos! #welldoneyou

Both my young children use Instagram from their own iPods. They follow family and some celebrities. Our agreed rules are no commenting on photos from people we don’t personally know. And mum has to okay any followers who request looking at their images. In other words, only family can see what my children put up on Instagram. #familieswhoinstagramtogetherstaytogether

Even my almost completely computer illiterate husband @bolj_ uses Instagram. #proudwife He learned how to hashtag just last week. Haha! Before that he kept on using the @ sign instead of the # one. Using @ is how you communicate with your friends. Like I’m @hollie_b_inst4selfcrafting. So my darling husband was tagging all of these people when he was trying to do desirable hashtags. #mywifeishot doesn’t quite translate to @mywifeishot because there’s actually a dude on Instagram called MYWIFEISHOT. #wordtothewise

So here’s how to get yo self an Instagram account :

  • Download Instagram from the App Store.
  • Open an account.
  • Set up your profile (it seriously takes all of a couple of minutes)Follow me! @hollie_b_inst4selfcrafting
  • Search some hashtags. The Institute has a few of our own for Members : eg #selfcraftedfood #selfcraftedgoddess #selfcrafting10daysofbeauty #selfcraftedredtent #selfcraftedrebel #instituteforselfcrafting #createalifethatsetsyoufree
  • Start snapping shots!

If you choose to be private with your pics, you can control who follows you and who sees your images. People will have to request to follow you – kinda like Facebook. But if you do that, the world won’t see your hashtags. Only your friends will. #privacymakessomepeoplehappy

R.E.b.E.L. members will have noticed that in many of the Unit’s I give you hashtags to use for the exercises if you’re going to take photos of your work. Use them yo! Let’s build a community of women who connect through our awwweeesssooomme Self Crafting. Remember, #hashtagsbuildfrienship

So darling heart, I hope to see you in the photographic ethers of Instagram real soon. If you follow me I’ll get a notification so you can imagine me virtually waving to you across the lands.


Hollie B. - Institute for Self Crafting

Love you,

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