How to make a Ceremony Stick

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How to Make a Ceremony Stick | Hollie B. | Creating Sacred Spaces

A Ceremony Stick is used to draw-in, anchor and expand the energy in your Sacred Space. Ceremony Sticks come in many forms, each being Perfect for their individual use and owner. The type of wood, the place the tree grew and where and when it fell from the tree will impregnate each stick with different types of energy.

Here is a quick instructional download if you want to print it out and take it with you for when you’re working ::

What I use my Ceremony Sticks for?

I have a few different Ceremony Sticks and they each have different purposes. Most commonly, I use them to hold intention. I secure energy and prayers into my Ceremony Stick by tying on messages, coloured ribbons, feathers, flowers, trinkets and anything else that is Right at the time. Sometimes, I could sit for hours twisting thread around a stick and singing / chanting a mantra. This is massively meditative and can get a bit trippy!

How to Make a Ceremony Stick | Hollie B. Lunation | Creating Sacred Spaces

I have other Sacred Ceremony Sticks without decoration. These are for marking Sacred Space and they provide a Way to focus my attention. Other Ceremony Sticks act as Magickal Staves, grounded on the Earth but reaching to the Heavens – to connect Land and Stars through the Self. There are no rules about the size of your Ceremony Stick. There is no limit to it’s use.

How to make a Sacred Ceremony Stick

# 1 : Find yourSelf a rad stick!

Any stick’ll do – but it must be the Perfect Stick for You!

How to Make a Ceremony Stick | Hollie B. Lunation | Creating Sacred Spaces

Now don’t get all stressed and frazzled about this dear heart.

Let it be an exercise of opening your heart and gratitude for Mama Earth and her pleasures. Go with Peace in your heart. If you’re having a shitty day and You just can’t shake it – well, maybe today is not the day to go.

Although…. perhaps a walk out on Mama Earth is just what You need to shake that crap off and step into happiness!

  • Go for a wander outside – get comfortable with Mama Earth and her gifts
  • Listen with the Language of the Heart – it’s the Way Mama Earth and Her Peoples talk to You – like the Animals and the Stones and the Trees. Open your heart, look and listen
  • Be led by your Inner Knowing- allow yourSelf to feel the messages of Mama Earth and Her Peoples and You will be led to just the right place, just the right patch of dirt or grass, and then, just the right stick
  • Look for a stick that You See as beautiful – it must talk to You
    • on the beach You may find driftwood
    • in the forest You may find an old growth branch fallen off a big ol’ Grandpappy tree
    • in the city You might find the perfect stick in the park.
  • If in doubt : tell the Trees what You’re looking for! They’ll hook You up!

#2 : Bring it home

Take that ‘Oh-My-Goddess-that’s-a-gorgeous-chunk-of-wood’ home with You and You’re on your Way. Give thanks and gratitude to Mama Earth, the Tree from which your stick has come, and the Space where You found it.

You can leave a physical gift in return if it’s appropriate – I like to gift Blessed Water by pouring it in four directions on Mama Earth. I also often plant a crystal, returning the Stone Person back to Mama Earth.

How to Make a Ceremony Stick | Hollie B. Lunation | Creating Sacred Spaces

#3 : Give your Stick a Turbo-boost

It’s really important that You give this Sacred Object an intention and Purpose. It’s as though You are providing the Great Mystery / the Universe / God/ddess notice of your plan and intention and asking for support in these matters.

I’ve written about Turbo Boosting objects for Blessing in this article. You might like to follow the Turbo Boosting Ceremony here to super-charge your stick or just make up your own.

How to Make a Ceremony Stick | Hollie B. Lunation | Creating Sacred Spaces

#4 : Sing that Stick to Life

Now it’s time to get to Know your Sacred Ceremony Stick.

To ‘Sing’ the Ceremony Stick, simply let the sound flow! Some people call this exercise toning. Basically, whatever sound wants to come from your body is the Right sound. Om, moan, howl, whistle, sing… Sound helps us to get in tune with the frequencies of energy we are Working with at anytime. It’s why we talk!

So tone / enchant / sing your Sacred Ceremony Stick to life. Get in touch with the Deep Essence of this Work through feeling the frequency and going with your flow. Don’t worry about looking silly. Once you’re in the Zone, You’ll get why Sacred Sound is so bloomin’ power-full.

I’d love to hear about your Ceremony Sticks You make and how You use them. Write your comments below and share with us how Your Ceremony Stick was made and how it feels. Post pics to facebook and tag me so I can See the beauty unfolding – okay? Let’s bring more of this Sacred-ness into everyday life, so that it ripples out to every corner of every building, so that it gets under the feet of even the crankiest People, and so that the Way of Truth and Beauty comes a Reality for All Peoples.

Ohoi nateya.

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

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