On how a question shows up in your life

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smokingToday, the very last calendar day of 2014 has me reflecting upon what I wanted, what I did, what I achieved, received and what I have been. How about you?

2014 didn’t look how I thought it was going to. Lots of things went flying up in the air – particularly after our family used the amazingly transformative question : What will the Universe bring us that will allow us to live the life of our dreams immediately? Wow, try it if you want major change mega fast. It’s a doozy!

Although it hasn’t all been what I was expecting, the awareness that I have re-membered this year seems incredibly power-full and whole. Like, I’ve arrived with my Self. And everything else that got left behind will have to catch up or die off.

Then I think about what I have done this year and there’s some pretty epic loads of awweeesssooomme. It was all in line with that question : What will the Universe bring us that will allow us to live the life of our dreams immediately? And at the time, we weren’t even aware of it.

568Like the building of the Village Community. Best friends ever. I can’t even put into words how much this work has changed my life. It has certainly allowed me to get deeper into living the life of my dreams though.

And the #selfcraftedsupport altars we have worked on. Letting women know they are supported even amongst the isolation of the society we live in. We have made magick there. It matches my Vision of living in a world where everyone has their needs met. That brought me closer to living the life of my dreams.

And the seasonal celebrations that have built energy throughout the year here at Freyja’s Rest. Human Beings coming together for entirely contributive and heartfelt celebration – no expectations, just Being who we are and what we do. With a wonder-full intentional community celebrating together, we are all living a life of our dreams.

retreatwomenAnd I’ve worked with some of the most amazing people this year in private sessions – as well as the Red Tent Retreats. Oh the processing, clearing, change we have made in this world, just by Being Self! This is such power-full work and it is all done by You. Thank you for helping me beleive that the life of my dreams does exist and that there are people who are working to Be the Change.

This year hasn’t been what I thought it was going to be. I didn’t sit at the computer for three hours everyday writing workbooks and making videos. I didn’t travel and workshop as much as I thought I would. I didn’t make as much money as I thought I would either. But what I did do, kicks arse on all of that. Because that stuff, that I thought I was going to do, will all happen next. What we created together this year was so much more important. Creating the life of my dreams is most important : because when that’s Real, the rest will happen easily.

hollie.afterinannaMaia Nie Heya : every single R.E.b.E.L. Member of the Institute, for having the guts to step up and travel this crazy journey, for as long as it takes!

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who has been in Retreat with me. I honour you for trusting my facilitation and bringing the whole You to Circle.

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who has seen me in Private Consultation. This is by far my favourite part of my work and I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing your transformation inside such a short timeframe. You are courageous and inspiring. Thank you for being You.

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who wants to be an Institute Member but just hasn’t found the right time yet.

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who bought our iOS app. It was a hard slog to get this thing happening, and it’s still not exactly how I envision the final product being. But it will happen. And it will be even more awesome than before.

selfcraftedsupport.hollieMaia Nie heya : every single person who booked me to craft Magick and Spells for You. Heaps fun!

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who signed up for the 13 days of Gifts – what else is possible?

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who has read my words this year.

Maia Nie Heya : every single person who connects via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media.

Maia Nie Heya : to every single person who wrote to me to say nice things about liking my work, my words, and my Being. That is the fuel that keeps me going.

Maia Nie Heya : to you, because even if we have never met in person, you inspire me to keep going, to keep working, to keep living and most importantly, to keep Being all of me. I love you.

Happy New Year R.E.b.E.L.s. Maia Nie Heya.
See you on the flip side.

Editor’s note from 2017 :

Two and a bit years later I have so much more awareness of how that question has shown up, and it reminds me that TIME is not something that is helpful in creating a life that sets you free.

When we work in Rhythm with the Universe, time is arbitrary. The Rhythm is all about flow, with no beginning and end but “time” in the way we relate to it can often mean “an end.” For example, “I will do this by this time.” It’s very conclusionary and not much use.

I’m grateful that I had the awareness at the end of 2014 to realise how things were showing up. Now, in 2017 I’m truly living the life of my dreams. We are on amazing land, everyone is exceptionally healthy due to our Self Care and Wellness routines, and my days are designed to be awesome. I don’t think in terms of “shoulds” at all anymore and simply move with the cycles….

Perhaps it’s time to ask that question again? What else is possible?

What will the Universe bring us that will allow us to live the life of our dreams immediately?

I dare you to give it a try too. Who knows what’s awaiting for you when you let go!?






Love you,

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