Honouring Menarche

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Rebecca Funk, a mermaid with a Vision, is currently celebrating and honouring her 12yo daughter’s first bleed wih a 7 day series on Instagram.

On her Instagram feed @midwifeofthesoul she writes :

“I have been taught (thanks @janehcollings !) that our rites of passage build upon each other, and this is evidenced in my own life and those of women I work with. Honouring my daughter’s menarche (in accessible and helpful ways for her) will have a direct impact on her early sexual experiences and on any experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. So I’m deeply invested in doing what I can to support her in her experience of menstruation!

And I know I can’t do it on my own! I’ve composed a few questions to gather ideas and share our collective wisdom about how we can nourish our daughters and young womenfolk during this special time. I’ve shaped them into a seven-day journey, and I’m hoping you’ll be willing to join in and share your thoughts and hearts!

Not all of us are mothers, and I’ve tried to frame each question with an openness to our diversity, without being long-winded! Please feel free to replace the word ‘daughter’ with grand-daughter, niece, friend, whatever is relevant to your situation! ✨ If you would like to participate in honouring this powerful rite of passage, please follow the posts for the next seven days, ending with the illumination of the Full Moon on Monday 20th June ✨”


🌹 Say YES to Rebecca’s original post inviting women to join her in #honouringmenarche.

🌹 Tag some friends to join you in #honouringmenarche

🌹 When posting your thoughts and experiences, please tag @midwifeofthesoul and hashtag #honouringmenarche

🌹 Know that we are all deeply grateful for your vulnerability and wisdom, and that this is part of calling in positive change and healing for our daughters, ourselves, our mothers, our sisters, our grandmothers and Mother Earth! Cosmic stuff! ✨✨✨

I’m totally in, see you there!



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