Hi, I’m Hollie and I help people to create a life that sets you free.

For people who are searching for the most direct way to live the life you dream of. Self Crafting will take you beyond what you’ve dreamed, and into more than you ever thought possible.

I provide support for life’s difficulties and transitions. Whatever your struggle, I offer a healing process made from compassionate inquiry, self discovery and purposeful action. Equipping you with tools and strategies to alleviate the pain and empower new ways of being.

I have a background in ancestral health, sacred space, natural movement and conscious living. My mission is to support people who know there’s more to life, to craft the best self-version so far. If you know there’s more to life than what’s currently on offer, I welcome you to explore the possibilities.

The Institute for Self Crafting is a support hub for people to gather simple and clear information for living your best life.

Self crafting is defined as

      1. to create a life that is truly one’s own
      2. to be the artisan of one’s own reality
      3. to live an unlimited life of empowered choice


The Self Crafting methods will show you how you can have the life you think only other people can. Combining ancestral wisdom with cutting edge science to offer tools that actually work!

It isn’t the same cookie cutter approach as everyone else; I’ll share things you’ve never heard before – because you’re unique and we can have a much faster, unlimited and long lasting impact by working with a unique, out of the box approach that’s tailored to your life, your time, your place in the world right now.

As someone who’s always been the person on the edges, never fitting in to the mainstream, and not being able to understand why anyone would want to, my work is dedicated to people who are willing to be more than mediocre. Rather than going along with group think and appropriate behaviour, rebellion and renegade action is always my first response. Outsiders, rule breakers and world changers are my kin.

Born an only child and raised between the dojo and women’s circles, I grew up with a different point of view of how real women can be the kind of strong that encourages good in the world.

In my early 20s, I had babies, owned a witchcraft store, taught magick, experienced domestic violence, moved my babies into a refuge, almost died from an undiagnosed virus and found my twin flame.

In my 30s I moved back to the land, homeschooled my children, lived in a yurt, then a bus, reversed chronic disease, grew a food garden, created a wellness facility, built a Ninja Academy and wrote some books.

Now, headed into my 40s I’ve formulated everything I’ve learned into accessible content for women to take and make their lives their own. I’ve got a proven track record over two decades helping women improve their life, through counselling, coaching, ceremony and education. Now I share the systems and structure that enhance individual Rhythm and increase quality of life for immediate impact.

There’s not time to waste! No woman needs to feel disconnected, isolated or out of reach. We are Renegade, Earthborn, Evulvalutionary, Leaders, and we are here to contribute to a better world.

You’re not alone. Let me show you how to create the life that sets you free, and brings you a bounty more than you ever even imagined possible.

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I’m an off-grid bus living, outdoor obsessed, real food eating, constantly moving wife and mama with a passion for unbound and unlimited life.

I believe in magick, intention, and the power of our true, authentic wild Self. My vision is to live in a world that values realationship with our individual optimal Self.

Institute for Self Crafting is my offering to the women of the world; the weavers, the dreamers, the sistars, the wondrous ones who have decided to choose to be all they came here to Be.


The story

I started my first business at age 20. My overall vision as a business woman has always been one of ethical and sustainable business practise, specialising in the sacred and magickal. In the early 2000s I began facilitating groups and teaching workshops about the seasons, magick, the moon and Women’s Mysteries. Around that time I was asked to teach at a local night college. I kept that gig going for a while until I opened my own shop and taught from there instead. I was 25 years old.

The following ten years has been a whirl-wind of deeper awareness and wild heart living. Closing my shop was a Rite of Passage who’s effects lasted many years. I moved to the country with my personal super-hero (aka husband), my two children and a couple of cats. Now we also live with the hound of my dreams, and a flock of unruly chickens.

After I closed the store, I began to blog and write more, and this led finding ways to express my awareness to many people, all over the world. My work has had many reincarnations to be what you find here today. I continue to hold face-to-face space for women in many ways, and present at different conferences and festivals throughout Australia.


Rhythm of Life

For many years I’ve followed the map of the Rhythm of Life, which was originally taught to me via modern Witch Craft, and the work of Jane Hardwicke Collings, Katherine Cunninghame, thea Gaia and my shamanic mentor Geir Fokstuen. Cycling with this wisdom for so many years has become integral to my being. It is embodied in how I be in the world.

Everything I present at the Institute for Self Crafting can be found as an integrated layer on the Rhythm of Life map. I call the map, a map for Self Crafting.



I had been ill before I closed my Occult shop, but it took on a new level when in 2009 I was hospitalised with an undiagnosed fever above 40 degrees celsius. At the time I hadn’t realised that truly, everything in the natural world could be understood via the Rhythm, instead spending the next few years going from one healing experiment to another, in an attempt to be well.

Eventually, giving up on “The Professionals” who included everyone from the orthodox medical system, all the way through to numerous natural health practitioners and even some woo-woo crazy types, I hit The Threshold (the place of no return, where something must change otherwise live forever in a perpetual death cycle).

I immersed myself into three years of health and wellness study, researching everything I could about evolutionary wellness, or what is becoming commonly known as “Ancestral Health.” I became my own n=1 experiment, eventually curing the chronic illnesses that had plagued me since the time in the hospital in 2009.

I discovered a layer of the Rhythm of Life map that none of my mentors had taught before. I call it Wellness and it is, undoubtedly the most important layer for humankind. Now, headed toward 40, I am stronger, healthier, happier and more capable than ever before. And I know how to keep I that way.


Life Informing Work

As a counsellor and coach, I thought I wasn’t allowed to teach about Wellness. Afterall, where did I get my credentials? And then my mentor said, “You ARE your credentials.” That was enough to reframe my perspective and open up the pathway for what is now the Self Crafted Wellness work, that I personally believe is my best so far!

This page includes ten photos, that speak to the important work of Wellness, and shows how anyone can integrate the Wellness layer of the Rhythm of Life map into everyday life. It’s true that I am blessed to live on a large, pristine property on the edge of the mountains, which, it’s important to understand, was a choice we made when we knew how important the Wellness layer was to human evolution and our ongoing existence as a community of life. Now, my daily life incorporates everything I need to be well and stay well to an old age.

But you don’t have to live on 100 acres to do the same. There’s plenty of ways to incorporate the layers of the Rhythm of Life into your own daily practise. You can learn all about it through the Wellness stream of articles, courses and books here, or go off and spend your own 7 years studying for yourself (wink, wink).


Our drinking water comes from the creek, and is all carried by hand. I take my moments of peace where I can get them, and this faerie grove gives me a moment of peace and quiet in the busy day. I don’t meditate in the traditional sense; my early morning movements include my mindful practises and “meditation.”
Our “dining table” is a coffee table from the op-shop, surrounded by mini-boulders that I dug out when building the gardens. The rocks are different shapes, some are unbalanced on the turf, and they can be moved around for more or less convenience.


Not sure where to start at the Institute?

I welcome you here to the Institute for Self Crafting. As you click links and tumble down rabbit holes, you will find that I offer a heap of info in the form of blogs, videos, social media, online courses, workbooks, face-to-face and Skype sessions, groups and the occasional live teaching event.

It can be overwhelming, so here are a few of my favourite things to get you started :

My Promises to the People I work with

Do you even belong here?

Rhythm of Life

Session Programs



There’s an entry point for everyone here, just follow your wild heart and see where you end up!


Join me

It is part of my Vision and Mission to reach as many people, in as many ways as possible, because the more people who are making their Big Wild Dreams a reality, the happier the people in the world will be. And that’s the kind of world I desire to live in!

I hope that you find something amongst these pages that lights you up, that inspires you, and that helps you create a life that sets you free!

If you’d like to stay in touch, join my newsletter. You get the Rhythm Planning Page for free, and you’ll be up to date with whatever I’m offering. I only send news out once or twice a month.

My day begins with a walk. We live in a mountainous patch of bush, in Australia, that was once famous in the gold rush of the 1860s. Our property is covered with rocks dug up by miners, providing #vitamintexture for barefoot walking.
We live in a skoolie, and there’s no room for furniture! Although there is a small bench I find myself preparing most food on the floor or outside.
We eat from our landscape everyday, whether it is something I’ve grown in our garden, or foraged nearby. Autumn is wonderful in our region, with mushrooms in the paddocks and plenty of fruit trees on the roadside.
Our water collection bottle is heavy enough to be a small load, yet light enough for the children to contribute as well. Sometimes water collection will happen with the milk jugs, and I’m constantly carrying water in the garden.
In our bus life, we don’t have a shower – so we swim in the waterhole, which is a half kilometre walk from our living space. The mountain water is cold and amazing and this has become my most sacred practice of the day.
Shooting the long bow has a lot of meaning for me around reaching toward my Big Wild Dreams, taking aim and getting closer / more precise each time…
I aim to spend a minimum of four hours outside everyday, and most of this happens in my garden. Yard work includes so many human-appropriate movements, contributing to my Wellness, and my family too.
I’m the only weirdo in my Uni class who sits on the floor. I use the lectures as dynamic working spaces, where I may stretch, bend and constantly move.


Thanks for hangin’ with me for a while,

Love you,

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