Gratitude and the Feedback Loop

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Maia Nie Heya | I give thanks | Lunation

Through working with the Cosmic Mama She Who Gives Thanks for the Truth, I have become deeply clear about the role of GIVING THANKS in human Realationship. This Cosmic Mama teaches that the Cycles of Life, whether they are little Cycles or the lengthy ones, are finalised and renewed by the act of Giving Thanks.

This Cosmic Mama is the Poster-Woman for sharing. There is connection and Unity in sharing, when giving and taking is actioned in balance. It is important that the person who gives is just as grateful that they have the ability to give, as the person who is in receipt of the gift. This helps the cycle of sharing continue.

Gratitude is a simple act, yet when we engage in it we open up deep connections to the Peoples around us, and the Great Mystery. There is great Power in Being aware enough to See the gifts in Life, and giving thanks in return for them. There is nothing more that the Great Mystery wants from You. You do not need to show your thanks by Doing a particular action, or by attending a particular event. You do not need to compete against others or prove that You are the most thank-full. You simply need to See the amazing gifts given to You by Mama Earth and All that abounds, and return the gifts by giving your humble Self. Acknowledgement of the Gifts of Life is is Gratitude.

Neva Howell in her Moon Lodge Visions eBook describes the energy loop that exists between a giver and receiver. She has termed it ‘the feedback loop’. The feedback loop is the completion of energy that flows back to the creator of a Work, from the receiver. For example, if I write an e’course, and You participate, You will have feelings around the course and those feelings will be fed back to me. If ten people do the course and have happy vibes, I’ll get a happy vibe kick-start. If one thousand people do the course, the energy is a lot more intense, and I will be able to ripple that energy out to more People in my community. You see then, the feedback loop is infinite, and it makes giving Gratitude that so much more important to bring Unity to Humanity.

Maia Nie Heya | I give thanks | Lunation

She Who Gives Thanks for the Truth, the Cosmic Mama of the twelfth Moon Cycle, reminds us to give gratitude not only for the direct gifts we receive, but also for the indirect gifts we receive from the Work and Life of another, and how that affects the Universe as a whole.

The act of giving thanks will not ever be the same. Today You might plant a tree to give thanks back to the Great Mystery. Another day You will cook with intention. You may dance, sing, hold ceremony, write a letter, create Art…. When You say ‘thank You’ to a particular person, it is not the person You are thank-full for, but the Universal Truth that binds the two of You together, and connects You to the All. Appreciation of a friend is thanks, but Gratitude extends to the Great Mystery.

When we ask for something from the Universe, we give thanks. By giving up thanks before we have received the product of our request, we are opening the door, making Space to allow the Gifts from the Great Mystery to enter our Life. We show that we have trust in the Great Mystery to provide what we need, in the most appropriate Way, and we are clear that we are ready for the next step in our Journey.

Maia Nie Heya | I give thanks | Lunation

In my experience of the Star Language which has become a natural part of my vocabulary, particularly in Sacred Space ‘Maia Nie Heya’ is translated as the words for Deep Gratitude. It does not mean simply ‘thank You’, or ‘I give thanks’. It is more of an entire statement and concept around Gratitude. It opens the heart. It lifts the energy of All People who hear witness to the Words. Some People experience shivers and goose-bumps when these words are uttered. It speaks to a Deep part of ourSelf that we do not always share, and we very rarely articulate. These words when uttered, have a personal connection. They speak to the Sacred Inner Heart – the Deepest Self. And by expressing the words out loud, we call this Self into Being.

Maia Nie Heya

Great Mystery, Universal Truth, Holy Self,

I am here Now with my heart open.

I am giving thanks for the abundance already in my Life.

I am here Now with my arms outstretched.

I am Now, ready to receive Wisdom.

I am giving thanks for the experiences of pain.

I am giving thanks for times of joy.

I am here with my eyes wide open.

I am Now willing to See the Gifts of this Journey.

I am giving thanks for the lessons I have learnt.

I am Now open to the gifts I am still to receive.

I am Now listening for the next direction on my Path.

I am blessed by the presence of Self.

I am infinite.

Ohoi Nateya. 1

Maia Nie Heya, for me, has become a Mantra for gratitude and deepening connection. In using these Words a portal opens where the Deep Self comes forth – the Spiritual Essence is renewed and Life flows with Grace and ease. 2

When You are at a low point, and do not know how to move forward, give thanks. Hand your Self and your ego and your thoughts and your story over to the Universe. Be thank-full for the opportunity to be alive, even if You feel there is nothing else to be thankful for, Being alive is a gift that is Sacred. Give thanks for being alive, and the door will open, the cycle will continue, and energy will flow again.

1 ©Copyright Hollie B. & Institute for Self Crafting. This is my understanding and interpretation of the words Maia Nie Heya. You are welcome to copy this and use it for your own Self Work, however please always acknowledge the Source.

2 I particularly use Maia Nie Heya in my personal spiritual practise, as a mantra / chant with toning and Sacred Sounds. The connection to the Inner Self and the vibration of Sounds is what deepens this Work. Another Way You may find use-full to Work with the words is with art and visualisation. Create Soul Art with the Words and images of things You are grateful for… the possibilities are endless.

Here is a poster for you to download and paste up somewhere in your world where you can see it everyday.

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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