Gratitude for the Truth Teachings Affirmation Cards..

Truth Teachings Affirmation Cards | for the Clan Mother Journey Experience | Lunation“Hello Dear Hollie

I have enjoyed your work for many years now and so deeply love and respect what you bring to the world, so naturally, when I found out about your Affirmation cards, I just had to own a set.

I paid my $10 and received my download immediately.  The instructions were so clear and creating the cards was simple and easy.  I printed them out and laminated them just as you suggested.  The Affirmations are Insightful, Real and Transformational.  I keep my cards in a Couri shell on my Altar and have made it part of my morning daily practice to draw a card.  I then spend just 5-10 minutes meditating on what my Affirmation brings up for me and what gifts are being shared with me.  I write my Affirmation on my Lunation Daily Planner to help remind me of my gifts and bring me back to Sacred Space throughout the day.

What you have created here is more than just a set of Affirmation Cards.  These little daily reminders are gems of Wisdom and Knowing that assist me in Be-ing and I highly recommend them to anyone who is on their own path of Transformation and Realness.  They are so affordable and definitely worth more than the $10 that you ask.  My Affirmation Cards bring me to Truth each and every day and remind me of the Sacredness of my Be-ing.

Thank you Hollie for once again delivering your Authentic Self with Truth and Honour.”

~Kelli, Queensland, Australia

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