This is an ever-evolving information page for the Self Crafted Wellness Tribe who desire to know more and do more, to be the best version of Self so far.

The Self Crafted Wellness Journal includes 52 Wellness points that when activated, contribute to thorough, life long wellness. Each point is explained simply in the Journal, with actionable information you can take immediately to make change. For some people, the action page will be enough. But if you’re a Questioner (like me) who likes to know the everything about the something before you do the thing, this page will give you heaps of ammo.

On this page you’ll find some of the best resources I’ve come across for self-directed learning about Wellness, catalogued by their relationship to each of the 52 Wellness points. It’s my intention to provide you with exactly the most beneficial education to support you to craft the best version of yourSelf so far. It’s not my intention to overload you with information. Take what works, and leave the rest behind.

In the many years of health studies, I never thought I would be teaching the topics I was researching for myself. SO, I’ve never saved any of the key resources used in my journey. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of interviews and seminars, read hundreds of books and articles, trolled pubMed for hundreds of hours… This page will continue to evolve as I remember and re-find resources that are effective for Self Crafted Wellness.

Many of the links send you to author’s websites. I urge you to search a podcast database for any of the author or website founder names to lstening to interviews. I find podcasts to be the best way to learn directly from the source. Often authors give you all the key points in an hour interview so that you don’t even need to read the book!

Here’s my biggest take away from the years of delving deep into the research :

Science complicates what nature already shows us. In the hyper-reductionalism of specific scientific study, it’s easy to get caught up in details that, if we just step back from it all, looking with a broader eye, the answers have already been proven, many times over.

Although I’ve provided a few scientific studies in the resource notes, they are offered with a word of warning : Nature already knows what science can only prove in a reductionist state.

And most of all : Nature exists in its complexity and woo-wooness in ways science has yet to prove. If science is unable to find a way to prove a particular phenomenon, that’s not to say it’ untrue. Katy Bowman’s essays in the Science Moves chapters in Movement Matters demonstrates this.


Self Crafted Wellness media

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150,000 years +


1. Acknowledge your body


2. Attention to flow


3. #stackyourlife


4. Get more sleep


5. Time your meals


6. Outside in the morning


7. Breathe better


8. Drink more water


9. Be your own pharmacy


10. Eat food that sings


11. Shake and roll


12. Walk


13. Sleep like your ancestors


14. Check your casts


15. Wifi breaks


16. Screen boundaries


17. Eat in flow


18. Sun skin


19. Chew your food


20. Remove your shoes


21. Love your teeth


22. Eat more plants


23. Just use candles


24. Get dirty


25. Take it off


26. Eat from the sea


27. Seek the in-betweens


28. Get cold


29. Seek green spaces


30. Get touchy

Role of oxytocin in the control of stress and food intake published in the Journal of Neuroendicrionlogy, 2019


31. Eat fat


32. Give gratitude


33. Outside in the evening

  • See #6 : Outside in the morning


34. Love your skin


35. Eat green


36. Grow your microbiome


37. Wake with the sun / Sleep with the moon


38. Express yourself


39. Keep learning


40. Work upstream


41. Rewild your water


42. Get outside


43. Animal love


44. Seek your tribe


45. Self reflection


46. Chase your Big Wild Dreams


47. Bring plants inside


48. Be Tarzan



49. Go organic


50. Load variety


51. Yes to nature


52. Celebrate You!


Further Geekage

Further to the above list, there are a few voices that I’m always paying attention to. These people are based internationally, yet I feel if we were in the same country we’d totally be besties 🙂

If you really wish to geek out on your own research, check these out :

  • Jack Kruse Podcasts – every podcast Dr Kruse has been interviewed on. The first time I heard Dr Kruse speak, in 2013, it changed my life forever.
  • Arthur Haines – a sensitive and aware voice in the work of Wellness and Authenticity in the modern age.
  • Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement – inspiring change and breaking casts of body and mind.
  • Stephen Porges – a researcher who studies the Autonomic Nervous System and how our body perceives stress for survival.