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posted in: blog, shop, unit posts | 0 giantly important aspect of understanding the work of the Institute for Self Crafting is journeying in the non-ordinary realms. It is there that our Inner Wisdom shines through. In the everyday, ordinary realities, it’s too easy to get sucked into the ‘busy’.

Sacred Space is so utterly important to Being. There is a portal to the Real World through the Sacred. Anyone can access it, at any time, simply by honouring Mama Earth, or the seasons, or the world around and most of all, the Authentic Self.

All Space in the Real World is Sacred. Of course, all Space, Real World or Unreal World is Sacred, because as we know everything is Sacred on this Earth. The difference between the two ‘Worlds’ is that in the Real World, everyone views everything as Sacred.

‘Real’ doesn’t think like science. It is not exact, does not fit any ‘shoulds’ or expectations. Real knows your very inner Self. Real trusts you, respects you. Real is Truth!

If you find yourself more often than not in the Unreal World, surrounded by people who have lost the Sacred, or don’t even know such a wholeness exists, it’s time to make a change – and Yay for you because it’s already happening just by being here with us at the Institute!

This Little Lesson Pack is an internal Sacred Space starter kit for you to use, no matter where you are, and what tools you have nearby.

Included :

  • Finding Your Own Sacred Place Workbook
  • Vision .mp3 for finding your sacred place
  • Basic Guidance on Sacred Place Visioning Work
  • Further ideas for using your Sacred Place in the ordinary and non-ordinary realms

This item is a perfect match with my Visioning Introduction Workbook.

Please note, all downloads are free to Institute Members. Choices appear below.


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