Ultimate Women’s Weekend

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The Ultimate Women’s Weekend hits Canberra on July 29th and 30th, and I’ll be there with a mini Red Tent. Come visit me!

Chill in the Red Tent, take some time out, reflect and rest.

Everyone who visits the Red Tent gets a special gift.

I’ll have a limited number of Bars consultations available, at a special price of $30. Book on the day.

I will also be selling my books and cards, including the Winter Editions of the Lunation Annual Planner, and Self Crafting Year Book AND the newly launched Self Crafted Wellness Journal.

Every hour, on the hour, I’ll be running short sessions, from my stall, about how to use the system I created for the Lunation Annual Planner to get your busy life under control. Everyone will be able to take home a sample Planner page to take action right away!

On 12:30, Saturday, I’ll be holding a seminar on The Rhythm of Life, which will be a fun, interactive explanation of the women’s map for being in flow with life and everything in it, so that you can navigate the busy everyday with ease.


Rhythm of Life : a map for Self Crafting with Hollie B.

Discover a women’s map that empowers you to create a life that sets you free.

Building on the information in my eBook Rhythm of Life : a map for Self Crafting, this is a fun and interactive session that will give you the tools to navigate even the craziest times of your life with total ease.

Learn :

  • how women’s bodies and our life cycles are deeply attuned to the cycles of nature
  • how you can work with The Rhythm to make your own life easier
  • to always know when you will require rest or when you will have extra energy, ahead of time
  • what you can do to ensure your own needs are met, even in busy times
  • to make self care a priority and still have time for everything else!

Here’s what one woman said after seeing the Rhythm of Life presentation at a festival :

“I really enjoyed your session & “understood” perfectly what you were there to teach/convey. I thought that you were wonderful! I was tossing up whether to buy a ticket to the Festival or not (the usual reason: money!), but when I saw that you would be there- that was my definite deciding factor. I thought to myself: “HOLLIE will be there??? Hell yeah- I’m going!!!” THANK YOU for attending the Festival. It was absolutely definitely the highlight of my day!

Bring your teens! This session is also an excellent way to introduce girls and young women to the value of their menstrual cycle, by understanding our powerful relationship to all of nature’s rhythms.

I really look forward to meeting you at the Expo.

With that many women in the one place, I wonder what we will create together?


Love you,

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