Emergency Joy Preparation List

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Studies show that optimists live longer than pessimists, which is why I choose glasses that are half full. Actually, I just fill my glass all the way up, every time.

Everyone has crap days…. So when you’re having a crap day, what can you do to fill your glass all the way up?

Dial 000 Joy

Make yourself an Emergency Joy List. When you dial 000 (in the US they have 911) for emergency, the operator will help you. Your Emergency Joy List is the operator to change crap days into great days… or at least great moments within a crap day!

In the November Challenge of the Self Crafted Life Year Book, I’ve got a list of things that can help in bringing immediate, long lasting joy into your everyday. Some of these items include lifestyle changes (such as scheduling phone free time), whereas some can be achieved in an instant (such as sitting up straight).

My favourite Emergency Joy hack of all is the Joy Playlist : Create a playlist of songs that remind you of fun times and make you happy. Listen in case of emergency!

Here’s my Emergency Joy Playlist on Youtube. Have you got songs to add? Make your own Playlist on Youtube and share the address in the comments below.

The November Challenge in the Self Crafted Life Year Book includes plenty more ideas for Emergency Joy.

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