Doing is not a four letter word

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Happy New 2017!

What will it take to make 2017 more abundant than your wildest dreams could ever imagine? Let’s DO it!

The end of 2016 was exceptionally crazy here at our little home, The Wilde :

* Launching the Lunation Annual Planner (three weeks later than hoped for due to software issues!)
* Building a garden
* Writing the Rhythm of Life book
* Delivering the Goddess Inspired Advent
* Organising my Institute Mover, Fernanda to take over management tasks
* Hosting wonderful Lee from Bluegum Bushcraft for a group of bush-loving out-of-school learners
* Managing chook land (9 chicks, 4 pullets, 10 hens, 1 rooster and 1 mama still sitting as we speak)
* Being dance mum (three end of year concerts and an audition for a performance crew – he got in 🙂
* and holding space for our wondrous annual This is Our World Solstice Party for friends and family

You may think then, that 2017 brings a sigh of settling-down? If you did think that, you just don’t know me at all! See, I love having things to DO. The things I choose to “do” are all in line with my Vision, so Doing is never exhausting. “Doing” is filled with all the things I love. For example, all those things I was doing above gave me:

* Creations that change promote a better world
* Food for my family and hours of staring at the lush green
* Getting in Rhythm, making more room for everything I desire
* Hanging out in the bush with people I love while our kids learn cool stuff
* Sunset sitting while watching sweet little chicks
* Supporting my kids to be the people they came here to Be
* Sharing space with everyone I love

To me, “doing” is not a dirty word.

Lately I’ve been reflecting on the spiritual concepts of “Being”. I notice that sometimes people can treat “Being” as a buzz word. In an attempt to un-glorify the “Busy” we may have glorified the “not-doing”. Have you been brainwashed into thinking that you just have to Be and everything else you desire will be sorted? Being only happens when you are aware of what you are choosing to Do.

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” ~ Marc Anthony

You gotta Do so that you can Be. Being is a presence of awareness. It’s about spending your attention on exactly what will match your Vision best. “Being” is not about avoiding Busy. It’s about awareness of your choices, so that if you are busy, it is because it fills you with the joy and passion to finish projects and create the world you desire to live in.

What will it take to be entirely aware of what you choose to Do, so that you can Be all that you desire?
What will it take to Do what it takes to Be the Vision you have for the world?

There’s something very power-full about writing or speaking your Vision, about putting your Big Wild Dreams on paper. They become targets to aim for (read about Targets vs Goals in the LAP Supplement) giving you clear sight for what to do and how to get there. When you create targets for your dreams, it becomes much easier to create the change you wish to see in the world.

So it’s the 3rd of January and my own 2017 Lunation Annual Planner is already the beacon of rhythm amidst the year ahead. On the very first page I can see my own personal Vision Statement. I’ve reviewed my previous year, I’ve let go of some tasks that never happened, and I’ve dreamed up the wondrous things I desire to Do this year – tasks that honour and promote and propel my Vision. My morning and afternoon rhythms are right there in front of me, habits come easily now. I’ve checked in with my budget and I know what seeds need planting and when.

I’m already working on three other projects that will launch this month. The calendar of events are on the Institute website. I’m smoothing out my timetable for the teen program at Wise Women Conference AU in a few weeks. This is what holiday mode looks like for me. Doing the things that fuel my Vision, and drive my passion to Be all I came to this planet to Be.

This year, I wish you all the Doing of the things that fuel your Vision, and drive your passions. May the year bring you greater joy and ease than you’ve ever had before, and may all of your dreams come true.





Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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