What if you choose a Daily Rhythm?

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Your key to creating the foundations of a life that sets you free

The Daily Rhythm Planner tool is the first and most important foundation I share with my people when we work together in the Self Crafted Life Program.

It’s also one of the key elements of the Lunation Annual Planner, and is all based on the Rhythm of Life.

Why bother planning your day?

Research shows that planning increases likelihood of follow through, so if you’re working on your Big Wild Dreams, with an intention to have a year that’s better than any before, you might like to try the Daily Rhythm tool.

Some of the people I work with prefer the daily page to the Planner, because it’s a little less of a commitment, being undated and free to be used any day of the week.

The page is a good option if you are still getting used to working with the Rhythm or you’ve come in late in the year and are waiting for next year’s Planner addition.


How to use your Daily Rhythm Planning Tool

Print out the Daily Rhythm Planning Page and use it to guide your choices throughout the day.


What could you ask today that will create more possibility immediately?


Give thanks for the gifts of today and you open yourself to receiving the beauty of tomorrow.


  1. Write 3 things; the tasks causing you the most head-fill, anxiety and limitation
  2. Ask : If I accomplish only one of these tasks, which would create the most ease in all areas of my life?
  3. Ask: If I choose this, will it create the mot ease in all areas of my life?

Choose You

Create your own freedom and expand your reality by choosing to spend your attention on the task that will clear the most limitations in all areas.


Commit space on your daily wheel to attend to the task. This will open the space that this task’s energy is holding, allowing more freedom in your world.

Honour You

Self care means giving to You, meeting your own needs by choosing to work on the task you set. No multitasking! No distractions!


To get hold of a downloadable copy of the Daily Rhythm Planning Page, that you can print out and use each day, put your details in the form below.

If you’re interested in more in-depth info about Sacred Productivity and working with the Rhythm, take a look at the 40 Day Planner Challenge.

You may also be interested in my writing on commitment as sacred practice, as well as defining your Mission.

If you like this type of guided daily work, you might also be interested in my Morning Rhythm Check List.


Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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