10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes

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10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Simple Question to You, Dear Heart : Are You…

A : ready to rock your World, fly through the glass ceiling and Create the most Sacred and Abundant Life ever


B : happy to continue on the Way things have been?

If You answered “Yes – fucking give me A!!” then I have a very rad series for You. Oh, and if You answered B, off You go, there’s no room for You here.

Choice A : a Beauty-full Life!

This is what Choice A looks like!

Choice B : not so exciting

This is what Choice B looks like!

Seriously! No more excuses means stepping up and taking action to Create Your Own Sacred Spaces. No one can do it for You. It’s your job to seek the Shadows – You know the lurking ‘what ifs’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘I’m not enough’ and all of the other garbage! And once You find this deep, dark lurkers, it’s up to You to get rid of them.

Otherwise, You will be following the B. Path while the rest of us are clearing the limitations we’ve imposed on ourSelves and jumping into a new and fabulous Way of Being.

Are You with me still??

Ok, so let’s say You have already found the blocks. Like, You know what your issues are, your fears, your challenges, the stuff You don’t want to talk about, face, push on through. You already know it! It’s the same thing that stops You from moving into an Awesome New Way every time. It might be fear. It might be what someone said to You when You were a little person. It might be because You’ve been hurt before. It’s probably fear. 99 times out of 100 it’s fear – and the other time, it’s simply fear well hidden.

There are four steps to a Creative Transformative Process :

Name it. Acknowledge it. Clear it.

Create a New Way.

This 10 Day Series is all about introducing You to Ways of clearing blockages and limitations so that You can move forward on the Path of who You came here to Be.

I’m not sure if You got the memo dear heart, but You are here, on Planet Earth, right now, for a reason. It’s your Purpose. Your Truest Heart’s Desire points right to it. Everything You have done up until this point is leading You to it…

Are You Ready…?

Let’s get Creative!

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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