Commitment makes Practise makes Permanent

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How true is this statement for you?
This year, I’m on track to make my Big Wild Dreams real.

If your answer is ‘totally on it lady!,’ then you’re going to love the 40Day Planner Challenge to fine tune and turbo boost your year. If your answer is ‘not very much,’ then you’re going to hate the 40Day Planner Challenge, and that’s probably why you need to commit to it right now!

Sometimes, doing the thing that’s going to create the change you’re after, is uncomfortable. Actually, every time. It’s the uncomfortable edges that push you to the next great thing. The edges are where you’re holding back. No one ever created an unlimited and unbound life by sticking with the same old S.H.I.T. (Stuff that Haunts you Into Tomorrow) they’ve always done before.

If you’re keen to keep things just as they’ve always been, stop reading this before you spend anymore of your precious Netflix-watching, gossip spreading, everything-else-blaming time on the ideas here. This place is not for the lost-hearted, excuse-making, waiting-for-someone-else-to-save-me types…

And, if you’re keen to create a fully free life, that embodies your Vision and contributes to an ultimately awweeesssoome world, get ready to embrace the part of you that loves to improve. You are capable of anything! You don’t have to know how to do it yet (I can show you all of that!), you’ve just got to be absolutely certain that you want more out of life than you’ve got right now.

You’re here because there’s a part of you that likes to improve and prove yourself. Everyday you have the opportunity to prove to yourself that no matter what, you’re going to improve your life and make your Big Wild Dreams real? Even if the world is ending; your dog runs away, you lose your job and your kid gets diagnosed with [insert annoying skin condition here], you still have the option and choice to dedicate a part of everyday that will make your life better than it is right now.

Many people find it difficult to make plans and stick to them. It’s got a lot to do with Tomorrow Thinking, where the idea of what could be, is more exciting than actually doing the work to get there. It’s common, and that’s why half-lived lives are also common. Tomorrow Thinking is comfortable. Proving to yourself that you actually did the thing, is uncomfortable because as things start to change, the ground shakes underneath you, and everything you thought you knew can get turned upside down.

I know, telling people S.H.I.T. will hit the fan is not the best way to convince them to join your program. But think about this : Currently, you’re carrying around a heap of S.H.I.T. It’s probably heavy, stinky, and the more you try not to think about it, the more it piles up. If your throw that load into the air, and it hits the fan, it’ll be kind of gross for a bit, but you can shower!

Once you’ve rinsed off your splattered mess, now you’re not carrying it anymore and you’ve got the entirety of your life ahead of you to have more joy than you did before. You get to choose what you pick up and take with you, instead of lugging all that S.H.I.T. around… There’ll be nothing holding you back anymore!

Will you be the common-many S.H.I.T. carrier, or the amazing-few, travelling with a light load and able to set one foot in front of the other to joy and ease?

Here’s the thing with transformative programs : Change happens when you embrace and work with the uncomfortable, crunchy parts, so they can be changed forever. Once you get there, you can’t go back – but the getting there is WAY the most difficult part.

To create a life that will ultimately set you free from the S.H.I.T. carrying, it simply takes commitment. And then an active plan. You can make “Vision boards” all you like, but if you don’t have a plan of how you’ll create momentum and achieve your targets, your Vision board will slowly fade, the magazine cutouts will peel off, and the edges will curl… while you’re still wondering why you’re no rich, famous and driving a sports car (that’s everyone’s dream right..? jks).

The 40Day Planner Challenge is a program for Transformation. (It’s what you thought you were doing with a Vision board but is actively useful in all areas of your life – not just a pretty picture on the wall!) It’s designed to support you as the rad individual you are, to front up to the pain of not knowing what it’s like on the other side of S.H.I.T. splatter, when you take control of your life and prove to yourself that you’re your own best Self.

In the Planner Challenge you get to dedicate yourself to 10-20 minutes per day to a formula that will get you to where you want to be. I’ll step you through
1. working out who you desire to be in the world
2. working out what you will do to become who you desire to be
3. creating targets that have specific, singular outcomes for fast and regular results
4. doing more in the world, while experiencing less stress and more clarity
5. tools for shifting your S.H.I.T. and dropping that load forever

I call this Sacred Productivity. If you’re a R.E.b.E.L. type, you’re probably used to people telling you to slow down, do things appropriately and basically, stay inside your box… The Lunation Annual Planner asks you to do the opposite. It asks you to be as big as you can possibly imagine AND lays out the tools for the growth you’re aiming for.

Using the Lunation Annual Planner is a practice, and like any practice, to get the most out of it, there is a required commitment. Practice has nothing to do with ‘will power.’ Will power is a lie. You don’t need motivation. You need a commitment to prioritise the things that will take you to your deepest desire.

Commitment is getting out of bed when when you don’t feel like it. Commitment is aiming at a target which at first seems impossible, but becomes second nature after many tries. Commitment is not going to the bakery for an afternoon cake, because you’ve already decided that you’re not a person who does that. Commitment is when you do the practice, motivation or not. Commitment is the thing that’s left over when you decide that quitting will never be an option again.

Wait! Don’t even think it! Commitment is not only something that body builders and youth fiction writers have. Everyone has commitment. It’s just that we all choose to commit to different things. We’ve all got the same 168 hours in the week. Some of us are committed to using those hours in the most efficient way to live a meaning-full life. Others are committed to feeling sorry for themselves and complaining about how the Universe gives them rotten lemons…

The Planner Challenge asks you to commit for 40 days, even when you don’t feel like it, to get on with your Plan for being all of you. You’re being asked to prioritise the practice of a new skill (using the Lunation Annual Planner) to become a more capable, functional, courageous, resilient epic human.

So, now when you look at this statement, how do you respond?
This year, I’m on track to make my Big Wild Dreams real.
a) Yes because I’m committed
b) No, I’m just going with the comfort of Tomorrow Thinking, and I’m really not going to achieve any of my own personal dreams because I have no commitment to myself or anything that I say is important to me…

The 40Day Planner Challenge is free to join, but only if you’re committed to the program. Will you prioritise practice with the Lunation Annual Planner for 40 days? Will you aim for an ultimate outcome that delivers a bullseye on the target to creating a life that sets you free?

If your answer is no, bookmark this page. When you get back to this place again, where you’re tired of carrying so much S.H.I.T. and you wish life was different, remember that article you read by that lady with the diary, who said something about a Challenge to be your best Self so far. The 40Day Planner Challenge will still be here next year if you change your mind.

If your answer is yes, sign up right here.

I can’t wait to see what you create.


40 Day Planner Challenge
40 Day Planner Challenge

Turbo boost your Sacred Productivity

Make your Big Wild Dreams real

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