Ceremonies and Rites of Passage : Facilitated by Hollie B.

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Hollie B. Ceremony Woman

A Ceremony is the marking of an event in a sacred manner. It is a conscious intention of energy and honouring of a specific time in one’s life.

In my work I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating sacred space for ceremonies that honour birth, first blood, union, the changing seasons of nature and Self and endings / end-of-life. It is special work, and humbling as I get to know the family and the individuals involved in marking the sacred time.

I’m not a registered Civil Celebrant. I work with the influence of the Rhythm of Life to create ceremony that is individual for each family. At times where couples have desired a legal wedding, I’ve worked alongside celebrants to create beautiful and relevant ceremony. Families choose the words and symbols under guidance of traditional significances and what speaks to them most at the time.

Ceremonies are individual, and must express your own essence and inspirations. We work together to create the perfect ceremony that is meaningful to you. I rely on connection to the Earth and the energies within and around the Sacred Space to deliver heart-felt and beauty-full ceremony.

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Hollie B. works with the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon

I’d be honoured to attend and facilitate your ceremony, for all sorts of sacred events in your life. These may include:

  • birth and birthdays

  • initiations and namings

  • first blood rites

  • union, marriage and commitments

  • divorce

  • menopause
  • retirement / employment changes

  • end of life

Any special event you choose to make sacred can be a ceremony. We will meet prior to your ceremony to discuss your thoughts and inspirations around your event. Then we’ll consult up to your ceremony day, so that your event will be everything you want it to Be.

All sorts of ideas, props and people can be worked into your ceremony: poetry; promises; song and dance; colour; flowers and trees; fire and water; air and breath. I love to use symbol and sound to create a magickal atmosphere and energy for you and your sacred space.

Hollie B. Ceremony Woman We can look at dates together, and choose the best calendar date to enhance the energies of your ceremony and deepen the intent of the work. When I do this I look to astrological and celestial significance for the most appropriate timing of your ceremony.

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For Unions, Handfastings, Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies download this leaflet.








For Moons, First Blood, Menarche and Rites of Passage FOR GIRLS/WOMEN download this leaflet.




For any other ceremonies, please email with the subject CEREMONIES for more information.


If you’re into running your own Ceremonies, or you’d like more idea of what I offer before you sign up, you might find my Moon Ceremony or Union Ceremony work/booklets useful.

Hollie B. Ceremont Woman : Weddings and Rites of Passage Hollie B. Ceremony Woman


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