WISE Housing and Investment (Working to Implement Social Enhancement through Housing)

An entirely new model of home ownership is now available in Australia that offers a secure, safe and ethical opportunity for investment in housing. This new replicable home-ownership model allows people to enter the housing market for as little as $10,000 with a 99-year lease. It also enables investors to secure their super or savings by entering the real estate market for as little as $50.000.

Non-Violent Communication – some foundation practices

There are many different aspects of the model that is Non-Violent Communication (NVC). In this article I would like to outline one of the foundational pieces of NVC we can practise within ourselves. If we are to have clearer, kinder and more effective communications with those around us, we need to begin with noticing how we think about (and judge) ourselves, as well as observing the kinds of conversations we have inside our own heads.