Case Study 3 : Working mum needs more balance

What does working with Hollie look like?

To help you understand what an holistic framework might look like, I’ve put together some Case Studies based on real life sessions.

All names and identifying information have been removed to protect clients.

Carla is a working Mum of three children under 8. She identifies herself as incredibly lucky to have her ‘dream-job’ and the ‘perfect family.’ She finds it difficult to balance mum-ing, working, wife-ing, cooking, cleaning, exercising and having time to herself. She wonders how her friends all seem to have it together. She feels as though she’s constantly running in circles, and never seems to get enough done.

If she’s honest, in those moments when she’s crumpled on the bathroom floor, crying uncontrollably, exhausted, scared, guilty… Carla just wants it all to go away…


Session 1 :

Hollie starts with a basic intake; a list of questions including family details, health history, personal concerns, daily schedule, happiness scales etc. Carla cries for the entire session and apologises for ‘babbling.’

Hollie identifies “highest intensity” areas of the SCW protocol to begin with, then performs a 5 point muscle tests to check if Carla’s body agrees. Hollie gives Carla a few practical tips and tweaks to utilise right away to make some simple changes to address things at home.


Session 2 :

Carla reports being even more tired than last week, so Hollie performs an in-depth 14 point meridian balance, which boosts her energy and helps clear energetic blocks that have been limiting Carla. They also briefly discuss Polyvagal Theory, with a plan to revisit it next week.


Session 3 :

Carla has been feeling much more energised since the previous session. Hollie revisits the Balance protocol and treats any meridians needing another boost. They talk about the sensations Carla feels when she’s not “in balance” and strategies to work with those sensations when they arise.

Hollie gets Carla physically balancing on a low beam and they explore the connections between her physical balance and balancing the many parts of her life.


Session 4 :

With more discussion, Hollie and Carla are beginning to identify themes that contribute to Carla’s ‘bathroom floor moments,’ related to the way Carla thinks about her place in the world. She recognises these patterns even from her childhood. The session is spent discussing these patterns from many different aspects for Carla to gain a better understanding of herself and her reactions to various life events.


Session 5 :

Carla still feels as though everyone else has got it together, while she’s floundering behind. Hollie coaches strategies for time management, prioritising and creating habits. Carla thinks she might like to attend an Anxiety-informed movement class, to find out how other women do it all.


Session 6 :

They continue to explore Carla’s patterns of behaviour particularly in time management and relationships. Carla identifies her order of values, and practices Hollie’s Self Care tool to determine how much of her actions are based on her own needs and how much she’s taking on for others.

Carla describes this insight as a break through and can’t wait to practice it through the week.


3 months later :

Carla has not had a bathroom floor moment in months. Attending natural movement classes with Hollie has contributed greatly to her sense of calm and she is using the Match Your Heart tool to stay focused on what’s most important to her. Carla and her husband have just returned from a romantic weekend away and are planning a family holiday for Xmas. Carla comes to Red Tent each month and describes the best part as “realising that all the women have stuff they’re dealing with, and we’re all in it together.”

Carla uses the Morning Rhythm Checklist, and the Lunation Annual Planner, while continuing to make an effort to see Hollie once per month to check-in, debrief and expand her life more and more.



This is an example of holistic therapy with Hollie, based on previous client cases.

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