Case Study 2 : 9 year old girl with learning difficulties

What does working with Hollie look like?

To help you understand what an holistic framework might look like, I’ve put together some Case Studies based on real life sessions.

All names and identifying information have been removed to protect clients.

Ally is a 9 year old girl who hates school, hates boys, hates vegetables and hates coming to appointments. She has been diagnosed with various learning difficulties and on the autism spectrum. Ally’s school has advised returning to the GP for medication to manage Ally in class, but mum Karen doesn’t want to medicate Ally if there are any other possible interventions first.

Session 1 :

On coming to see Hollie in the bush clinic, Ally’s list of hates now also include “Counsellors” and “funny hair.”

The first part of the session is taken by Karen and Ally discussing the merits and pitfalls of therapy versus medication, clearly a well-worn discussion with both sides well practiced in playing their part. While talking, Hollie moves to the monkey bars, where she continues the discussion while swinging from bar to bar. Ally becomes quiet and distracted, watching Hollie instead of arguing with Mum. Hollie invites Ally to climb and they become fully engaged with talk about swinging, running, music and anything else that is not included in Ally’s Hate List.

Ally spends time with Dreamer and agrees to come to another session with Hollie.


Next four sessions :

Hollie and Ally discuss things that Ally does and doesn’t like, and sometimes why. They talk about what the Hate List feels like, including where the feeling seems to live in Ally’s body and what it would be like if it wasn’t there. Hollie shows Ally how to use the YTU balls to massage the Hate feelings when she finds them in her body.

At the Bush Clinic, Ally is getting to know Kora and Obi, and she tried out some of the feelings on the Hate List with the horses, finding that they don’t seem to want to hang around when she’s in her Hate List Vibe.


Meanwhile sessions :

Hollie sees Karen individually to talk about Ally’s general wellness protocol including water, food, toilet and sleep routines. Hollie educates Karen on Real Food Therapies that help digestion and strengthen Ally’s constitution. Together they work on a food menu plan that will be easy for Karen to manage and support Ally’s health. Hollie teaches Karen about Active Listening for better communication with Ally, and provides Karen with strategies for bed time.


Session 5-12 :

Ally works through the Safe and Sound Protocol with Hollie,, which even though the headphones are “weird” she enjoys sitting in the Willow tree by the creek at the Bush Clinic, and ‘chillaxing’ with the music.


At home :

A few weeks after the SSP sessions, Ally and Karen take home an iLS Focus System, with Hollie keeping updates on how they’re going. Ally admits to enjoying the silly games and movement that go along with the sound system.


Update at end of 40 at home Focus Sessions :

Ally attended her first sleep over this week and she “even ate the gross vegetables.” Ally’s teacher has noticed increased concentration in class, and Ally has not been sent to the principal’s office in over three weeks.

Ally is happy to be finished the iLs but doesn’t want to stop coming to Therapy. Karen reports a tantrum at home where Ally held her breath until her face turned pink, as a protest because she thought she wouldn’t get to see Hollie, Dreamer and the Horses ever again. She also asks Karen if she can have dread locks and a puppy.


Mama Check-in Session :

Hollie teaches Karen about attachment theory and explains how Ally’s reaction is normal for a child who finds a place after feeling unsafe in many environments before. Hollie explains how they can support Ally to let go in her own time, without causing more anxiety for her.


Follow-up Session :

Hollie and Ally practice ‘noticing’ and relate it to emotions (mindfulness). Ally articulates anger at Karen for taking her away from Therapy and the three discuss “happy endings.” They decide to create a finishing up ritual for the iLS sessions, before making any plans for what will be next.


Final Session :

Ally has created a ceremony for the three to enact at this session. She is at once director, speaker and teacher. Ally asks everyone to draw a picture of her riding Obi, wearing headphones that she will take home with her. She dances with Dreamer, before saying goodbye and thank you to the sound system, finishing by placing it away in the cupboard very carefully.

Hollie invites Ally to come to a Ninja class, where they will be able to continue to work together with a group of people who also like to move.

Karen agrees Ninja will fit their schedule and she will be happy to have the hour to herself while Ally’s in the class!


This is an example of holistic therapy with Hollie, based on previous client cases.

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