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10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Here we are at the final article in the Creative Transformative Processes Series. Thanks so much for Journeying this trip with me. I really do hope You’ve found some productive ways to really kick the shit out of your life and move forward on your Path to Remembering your Wholeness!

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

The final CTP was inspired by my dear Sister Anastasia, Thread Woman extraordinaire. Anastasia mentioned that she had spent the week crocheting baskets, but wasn’t really sure why until something clicked and she real-eyes-ed that she had been carrying a lot of other People’s junk that week, and she needed somewhere to store it. I just couldn’t pass it by without adding this great concept to the CTP Series!

The Burden Basket comes from Native American culture, whereby a basket is hung out the front of a home, encouraging visitors to leave their drama outside, before they enter. Oh how amazing would it be if everyone agreed to do that in our society! “No thanks, I don’t want your crap in my house, You are welcome to come in, but leave your negativity and your gossip and all your drama outside – cheers!”

Creative Transformative Process #8

You might not be able to totally embrace the Burden Basket with the People in your life – YET – but You can certainly use it’s Power in your own Life.

Afterall, the Burden Basket is for leaving your scruffy bits behind : the negativity and yukky stuff and everything that is not actually necessary to live well and move forward to Remembering Wholeness. And that’s exactly what CTPs are all about too!

Here’s what to do :

Get a Basket

Fill the Basket

Give it Away

Get a Basket

You can make your basket, or You can purchase one. It doesn’t really matter. For some People, the process will include the making of the basket, because while making it You can focus your intention to getting rid of your drama. It can be a part of Step 3 in the CTP Process. Make a basket by crochet, knitting in the round, weave organic fibres, paper and staples (remember those Easter baskets You used to make in primary school!)…

If making the basket seems too overwhelming, just buy one.


Fill the Basket

Pour your grievances into the basket. You could do this by :

  • Speaking words with the intention of them being held in the basket
  • Write them on scraps of paper and place in basket
  • Find objects that represent your pain and place them inside the basket
  • For a long term project, spend a moment each night writing down / drawing whatever got You down or cranky today, and then toss it in the Basket – showing yourSelf that You have no need for it anymore.

10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes | Lunation

Give it Away

Now that You’ve out all of your burdens in one place, and You’re not having to carry them around anymore, You can decide with a clear head what You want to do with them. Ask yourSelf, do I really need to keep this? And if not, find a way to dispose of the Burden Basket, contents and all.

  • Bury it
  • Burn it
  • Throw it in the trash
  • Give it to someone (particularly if it’s their burdens You’ve been carrying anyway!)
  • Cut it up into tiny pieces
  • Etcetra, etcetra…

Now that You’ve made it clear what You don’t need, proceed by filling your Life Basket with the things that do serve You. You might like to get yourSelf a second basket and fill it with blingy bits that represent the Dream Life You want to have.

Or, You could keep a basket next to the bedside to fill with the things that make your heart sing : the things You are great-filled (grateful) for. Write a note to yourSelf each night about how Awesome You are and the achievements You’ve made in birthing your Vision. You’ll soon See just how much You rock!

So dear heart, that is the end of the 10 Days of Creative Transformative Processes Series. If You missed any of them, they are all listed below. There were two days of explanations, and then 8 days of actual Creative Processes. But I have heaps more I could add to this list, so I’m thinking of putting together an e-book for sale. It would be like a manual for shifting your shit, and it would be really use-full for Circle Facilitators too.

Thank You for following this Journey, Love,

Hollie B. | Indigo Mama and Awesome Wife | Lunation

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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