That particular shape of things, has passed

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That particular shape of things, has passed.

I believe that I am beautiful. Do you?

We put a lot of stock in beliefs don’t we? Beliefs shape us. Identity is so keenly associated with our beliefs. We let beliefs shape the story of our future, before it happens.

Do you know how your beliefs are created? It intrigues me.

So above I said ‘I believe that I am beautiful’, but that’s a fairly new belief in the scheme of things for my reality. I have only got to this point because I have no other choice. The old beliefs just get in the way. Beautiful is a much more enjoyable – and agreeable – way to BE.

Lunation : Shaping things

What if our beliefs about Self actually originate from assumptions we’ve made. We start with a fact, and it leads us to an assumption – or a heap of assumptions – and before you know it we’ve got a fully fledged belief running rampant, and suddenly it’s shaping our future.

For example, you might start with the Fact: “Penny hasn’t returned my calls”. Then you assume, “I must have upset Penny. Penny doesn’t like me anymore. Penny thinks I’m strange, stupid, unlikeable, unattractive etc., etc.” So simply, the belief just jumps right in and suddenly you are shaped with “I am strange, stupid, unlikeable etc., etc.”

Yes, it really does happen that simply. So, it stands to reason that new beliefs can be born as simply. Just clear the assumptions, and go back to the facts.

Now instead of letting those ratty, negative, detrimental beliefs tickle MY beautifulness, and avoid arguments with Perfect Husband Bolj, (you will understand why below) I am constantly evaluating my consciousness – and the FACTS.

For example, Perfect Husband Bolj says to me : ‘You are Beautiful’. My Belief kicks in with “No I’m not. He is wrong because that doesn’t fit into my beliefs, and my beliefs are what make me who I am’. This might lead to a war-torn household, with two such opposing views of beauty (unlikely, but you never do know).

Crazy Woman alert! Where does this belief come from?

FACT: When I was thirteen I was the tallest girl in my year. I loved fashion and make-up and looking good. I wanted to be a model. So for the first two years of high school I copped ‘who does she think she is, she’s not all that, stop walking like a super model (because I had awesome posture from a childhood of Martial Arts), what is she wearing! etc., etc.

ASSUMPTION : formed after two years of bullying: “I’m not model material. It’s bad to look good. It’s bad to stand out in the crowd, Looking good causes too much trouble, etc., etc.”

BELIEF : “I am not beautiful.”

So do I take Perfect Husband Bolj’s word for it, cos I know that he is awesome, or do I take the word of a bunch of jealous teenagers who are now overweight and raising snotty-nosed kids and living next door to each other still in [insert dead-end town name here]? The question sounds so ludicrous that it doesn’t even deserve an answer!

So that’s a process I like to use to change my shitty beliefs and assumptions. And why I know, I believe, that I am beautiful.

Beliefs shape you, your fears and your future. Just stop them from being detrimental! Look at them for what they are. What are the facts?

The assumptions are NOT facts. They are ideas you got in your head for some reason, are they really viable? Do they deserve to be held in such high regard, so as to shape you and your future? If not, throw them away. And start again.

Those old beliefs, they are the shape of things that have passed. Now YOU can shape your future, by giving power to what is actually real.

Do it, do it now!


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