Change your entire reality in 45 minutes

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How would you like to sit comfy for 45 minutes, close your eyes, and change your entire reality?

I use a body process called “The Bars”, that unlocks and unblocks crunchy, limiting points of view, that you carry and are stopping you from being the entire contribution you came here to be.

There are 32 points on your head, related to different aspects of your life eg. money, gratitude, ageing, healing… that when touched release the stuck points and allow creativity and new possibilities to flow in these areas of your life.

The Bars store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. For example; every thought you have ever had about money that you considered important, the energy of that thought is stored in the Bar called “money.”

Touching the Bars, with consciousness, begins to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life. Sound too good to be true? What if you gave it a go and find out for yourself? What have you got to lose?

If you feel that having The Bars in your healing space or clinic would contribute energy that would benefit you and your clients, let’s talk.

I also offer shamanic one-on-one sessions which include a variety of tools and techniques. These sessions can be found here >>>

What would it take for you to fully step into the life you came here to have?




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