You are Awwweeesssooomme – and don’t ever forget it

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Welcome to R.E.b.E.L.s and would-be R.E.b.E.L.s and even the not-so-sure-yet R.E.b.E.L.s.

If you’re here at the Institute for Self Crafting, you’re probably the prime candidate to join us in R.E.b.E.L.-dom, but in case you want to know how you can fit in, I thought I’d give you a bit of an intro to a very popular concept here.

When I first shared this little snippet with the attendees of my presentation at the Australian Goddess Conference in 2013, they absolutely loved it and I knew it would have to become part of the vocab at the Institute for ever more.

But first, allow me to set the scene for you. The word Awwweeesssooomme was developed by my son at a play date. When I heard the story, it was one of those moments of parenting life when you go ‘Yep, I’m doin alright!’

Mama HolleMy little Dude was at a good friend’s house but the friend had a cousin visiting who was, well by all explanations – a little turd. He was older than the other boys by a few years and had a bit to prove apparently.

The Dude is very small next to boys his age. But what he doesn’t have in size he makes up in attitude as you are about to find out.

This little turd kid, after a day of bully behaviour and showing off, says to The Dude ‘Why are you trying to get that ball in the hoop, you can’t do it you’re too small!’

To which The Dude says ‘I’m not too small, I’m awesome.’

Turd kid : ‘Youre not awesome – you’re small. I’m the one who is awesome.’

The Dude : ‘Hmm, well you can be awesome if you want, because I am actually awwweeesssooomme…’

Turd kid (muchos confused at this point and in one of those whiney teasing voices that turd kids seem to do so well) : ‘What’s awwweeesssooomme?’

322The Dude : ‘It’s 10,000 times more awesome than awwweeesssooomme.’ – And my son, the tiny little sideways hat wearing Dude, walks away and finds something else to do.

Well, as Mama who is hearing this story after the pickup you can imagine my surprise. (After I got over the initial Dragon Mama thing of ‘I’m gonna twist that kid’s head off for messing with my baby!’) What a cool kid says me to mySelf. Yep, I’m doin alright. Yay me!

And that got me thinking, if only more people felt that they were really and truly so awesome that other people’s comments and crappy expectations weren’t in their way. Like, that’s what I do in my work; try to guide Women to realising just how fabulous YOU ARE!

So thanks Dude, for giving me the most perfect word I can imagine for identifying the R.E.b.E.L.s and all of the Women who enter the Institute space. You really are awwweeesssooomme.

Things you should know about being awwweeesssooomme :

  • The word is said in a super quiet whisper – so quietly that it is almost unbearable. (like all of the most power-full and magickal words that have ever been.

  • If you claim the word for you, you must absolutely believe that you are every one of the 10,000 times of awesome!

  • It is the diversity in you that makes you awwweeesssooomme; everyone else is just plain old awesome, but you as Infinite Cosmic Woman are all of the 10,000 times.

  • You can share your awwweeesssooomme genes with everyone you meet ; so that whenever you claim your space, you are a gift to inspire everyone else. Stay strong, you’ve got it sorted.

  • Be an example. Just be awwweeesssooomme and you will attract the kind of people you want around you.

And here dear heart, is a special badge for You. It’s a gift from me to You, inspired by my little Dude, which will remind You just how awwweeesssooomme you really are. Stick it up at home on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror where you can see it everyday, and before you know it, you’ll be telling yourself you’re 10,000 times more awesome than awesome too.


Click on the badge to get your own copy of the Certified Awesome Certificate for your house!

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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