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In Australia, today is technically the first day of Autumn. Of course, the energy of the season is not at all dependant on a written calendar, nor does it even need a special name. Yet, a note on the calendar is as good a way as any to remind us to take a moment to stop, breathe, and acknowledge where we’ve just been. Marking the seasons in this way also allows us to look forward to how the next phase of the year may unfold.

A new season is prime time to check in with your targets and dreams, to refocus any points that need a bit of attention, and to remind yourself what you’re shooting toward.

Lunation Annual Planner users will have found a new section when you opened up this morning. If you flipped past it in your haste to get through your day, make some time in today’s schedule circle to go back to the “Autumn is for…” page and use it as an opportunity to jot down all the things you want to make happen in the next few months.

Sometimes we can get into a habit of pushing forward without reflecting on what has been. That’s a sure way to exhaust yourself and get stuck in a world of strive, rather than thrive. I love the way the Planner is designed to keep me checking in with myself in order to keep sure that the direction I’m choosing is the path I actually desire to take.

So this morning the harvest, reaping, reflective time was especially on my mind. If you don’t know/remember the basic energies of the year’s flow, you can revisit the page in the Planner called “lunation: creation story” and freshen your mind to the energy of Autumn – the acknowledgement of your creations. This is the time we take for Maia Nie Heya, the deep gratitude feedback loop that ensures that the cycle of giving and receiving is honoured in it’s full contribution.

This morning, when I looked back at my 2016 projections and my page in the Planner called “All the big wild dreams I have”, I was feeling mighty chuffed at all I’ve already achieved this year. Although I can’t totally tick many off the list yet, there are more than a third on the list that I have already started. (lots of my list start with the word “master”, as in “master slackline”, “master the Wim Hof Method”, “learn to do an Ollie” so they’re all big processes – haha typical!)

There was only one project on my “Summer is for…” page that I hadn’t started. I knew that it wasn’t going to get done in Summer, and instead of stressing myself out about not doing everything, I’d already scheduled it to begin today, as a way into the next phase of the year. I knew this project would be difficult to begin in the past few months, but I’d added it to my list mostly to remind me that it was in the Vision.

Dreams you have at the beginning of the year don’t always stay relevant throughout, which is totally okay because you are not meant to stay the same all year right? As you create new possibilities different dreams will surface and others will fall away. Using a check-in method like the Lunation Annual Planner helps you acknowledge the changes and flow smoothly into whatever comes next.

I designed the Lunation Annual Planner first and foremost for my own needs. It’s a method to keep in flow with all the busy parts of life, while being reminded to notice the landmarks of achievement along the way. It’s a brain-dump. It’s a schedule to sanity. And it brings linear concepts of time and appointments and to-do lists into cyclic flow, honouring the real way of the natural world, and our own rhythm as Infinite Beings.

Everyday there are “behaviour modifications” built in to the Planner so that you take a moment to vision the kind of day you want to have. It guides you to acknowledge what you’re grateful for because research shows that people who have a daily gratitude practise are more successful and fulfilled. You are asked to define how your day could have been made better, for accountability and to provide real-time assessment for creating your ultimate world. And so that you remember how magickal your life really is; the Planner requests one amazing thing that happened each day.

These little moments each day serve to honour you. In a world where most of us are in a state of debt to ourselves (running a round after everyone else, never enough time for self, paying bills, long to-so lists that never come to an end…) the Planner asks you to take a moment each day to choose YOU.

What will you do moving into Autumn..? This beginning could be the beginning of anything you imagine. What can you be or do differently this month that will allow you to create a life that sets you free?

Lunation Annual Planners are available all year round. It’s not too late to create your awesome world.






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Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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