What if you choose to open to Self?

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On April Fool’s Day, I decided to write about this “minor holiday” that has always made me wonder… I find the entire thing strange, so instead of spending another year musing upon the meaningless-ness of our modern culture, I’ve taken matters into my own hands! Introducing a different way to spend the first day of April AND have more fun in your life.

The custom of playing practical jokes has a long history, but the actual origins are interpreted differently by various sources. Regardless of where the tradition began, in our modern culture it has become universally acceptable on April 1st to trick friends and loved ones in order for a good laugh.

Practical jokes are not really my thing – because the line between laughing with and laughing at is so very thin. I prefer to choose fun everyday, that honours everyone, in small and spontaneous bursts that bring joy all through the year!

In the month of April, the energy is about opening to oneself (see the panel on the right from the April detail in the Lunation Annual Planner). We may choose this time to open to all that we have come here to be. As the year moves forward, we have a choice to be open to that which will enable all of Self to be here with ease…

What will you open to that will enable all of You to be here with ease?

What is your Self seeking that you have not allowed yourself to open to, that if you did allow yourself you life would be cascading with more joy than you’ve ever imagined? What could life be if you chose to open to it right now? How much fun could you create in your life simply by opening to you?

If you’d like to honour your opening to/of Self, try the ceremony below. It’s simple and you can use whatever materials you already have access to.

Make Your Own Magick for the start of April

As a practice of Self Care, it can be fun to make ceremony for your own awesomeness regularly. The seasons give us a peg to hang the moments of our year, and so choosing once at the start of each season to Make Your Own Magick for opening to all of You is a simple way to work in rhythm and create a life that sets you free!


2x white candles
1x red, 1x orange, 1x yellow, 1x green, 1x blue, 1x purple, 1x violet candle (alternatively you could use a) 1x rainbow candle with each colour represented or b) plain coloured candle in different colour holders or c) plain coloured candle in plain coloured holder on appropriate coloured place mats)
A Botanical that represents “Lifeforce for Blessings of Fortune” to you. (Bamboo is one possibility)
A Botanical that represents “Nourishing, Purity, and Honouring” to you (Elder is common in European based magicks).
Blessed Water (this is water that has been made sacred in a ceremonial way).
A good sized Mirror
A beautiful cloth
A special doll (an effigy of yourself)

Begin this work on a Sunday morning. Create or find a doll to represent yourself.

Use the Botanical for ‘Lifeforce for Blessings of Fortune’ for making/stuffing/placing on your doll. You may also add other Botanicals that represent your work.

Place a mirror, face-up where you intend to work. The mirror is included so that the work you do with your doll is reflected into your surroundings. Lay the beautiful cloth over the mirror, then the doll on the cloth. Light a white candle and set it near your doll. Sprinkle the Botanical for “Nourishing, Purity and Honouring” to the four directions and say:

With the herbe of blessings, and love for you
I honour your greatness and deepest Truths.

Anoint the doll with the Blessed Water saying:

In gratitude, love and virtue, blessed you be
I honour you as <
your name>, which in this case is me.

This doll is You for the next seven days. You must feed it, care for it and honour it as you would honour anyone receiving blessing. Speak to this doll using your own name, and take it everywhere you go (perhaps in your handbag wrapped in the beautiful cloth).

Each morning or night (whichever works best for you) lay your doll on the mirror, on the cloth, and repeat the Blessed Water incantation while burning a different coloured candle; red first, working your way through the colours of the rainbow as listed above, ending with violet.

You will finish your coloured candles on the following Sunday. On Monday, lay your doll on the beautiful cloth, light the remaining white candle. This time, instead of offering the Botancial for “Nourishing, Purity and Honouring” to the four directions for the doll, make the offerings for your physical Self. Scatter the herbes in a circle and make sure they also scatter over your physical body. Use an incantation such as:

With the herbe of blessings, and all that I am
I honour my greatness; in my truth I stand.

Take the Blessed Water, anointing your physical Self and say

In gratitude, love and virtue, this is me
I honour myself, and love myself, and blessed I be.

When the final candle burns out, sweep up the herbes and dispose of them over your front walk way. Wrap the doll in the beautiful cloth for the last time. Burn the parcel on a sacred fire, making sure you watch it disappear in the flames, sending your prayers to the heavens, and sealing your work. NOTE : If you do not wish to burn the doll, add something to the pouch that can be burned eg. clothing or jewellery for the doll, or a significant note in your own handwriting…

Hang the mirror in a place inside your home that you are likely to see it regularly.

The Blessing is done.

© Hollie B. 2010-17

For more information about Spellcrafting with Botanicals and Curios, and information about making your own magickal doll/effigy keep an eye out for my Grimoire due to be republished July 2017.

Blessings and happy April!











Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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