Supporting your Nervous System

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Your nervous system is an amazing network that is designed to support you in situations of survival.

In times of stress, your body is flooded with hormones that are designed to keep you alive when there is a threat to your survival. Those chemicals are not supposed to be called upon over and over for days and days. Eventually, that tap runs dry. And when it does your entire physiology will be out of balance and need extensive rebuild support.

Finding ways to support your body, even while continuing to be in a stressful environment / situation is an act of self care and longevity.


3 ways to care for your Nervous System

1. 3in6out.

Use your breath to calm your physiology. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. Take the breath into your diaphragm, but don’t make them huge breaths. Normal sized breaths are perfect. Exhale for longer than the inhale. 8 breaths are enough to start lowering cortisol.

2. March gently on the spot.

Be sure to move opposite arms and legs at the same time. Breathe through your nose (close your mouth). Look over your left shoulder. Look over your right shoulder. Look in front. March and breathe. Repeat three times. This bipedal gentle movement is enough to bring your vagal system online. It will reset your system and bring you back to yourself.

3. Partner exercise.

You can do this with anyone of any age. You could even do it with someone you’ve only just met. Stand or sit in front of the other person. Don’t speak. Lock eyes. Breathe together (3in6out x8). Smile at each other. You’ve just activated the part of your nervous system that seeks safety and security.


Some other things you can do

  • drink water (when you’re hydrated your body can believe it’s not under immediate threat, and will not be as likely to elevate stress hormones) …
  • listen to your happy music (or sing or hum) …
  • tap your way to calm – people who work with me are taught how to tap for calming your nervous system. If you haven’t, or you don’t remember, use this moment to look up EFT Tapping on YouTube and do it – it’s a much better use of your time than checking again if someone has posted about the next drama unfolding…
  • connect with someone who’s not joining the drama – protect yourself from the unhealthy mental activity of people who do not manage their own dopamine (the addiction hormone that spurts every time you find a new post that gives you the rush you’re chasing) and people who feed off seeing other people freak out…
  • call an impromptu family disco – if you’re safe in a home with other people – put on some dance music (put away the alcohol) and shake your booty. Seriously.


Seek assistance

If you’ve been under stress for prolonged lengths of time, it may serve you to seek further assistance. Knowing the red flags for Trauma may be helpful in responding to friends who have experienced stressful situations.

Therapeutic help in the form of Counselling and Australian Bush Flower Essence mixtures are some of the services available when you work with Hollie to support stress and trauma.


Try it with Hollie B.

Hollie provides Trauma-informed services. Phone 0482 955 340 to discuss.

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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