And then I surrendered…

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Happy Season to You dear heart,

May You be guided through this ‘busy’ time by your heart.

May You be capable of journeying with love.

May You be everything You need to Be right now.

May your end of year be as magickal as the next beginning….

Here at Lunation, there is a stillness, amidst the busy time of end of year parties and seasonal shifts. It is still because I’ve finally surrendered. But it is busier than I have been for some time – because I’ve got a new website to build Bahaha!

I’ve surrendered an identity which I have been holding onto for longer than I needed. I’ve surrendered to the fear of letting that go. I’ve surrendered to the ifs and whats and buts and I am in total peace with what has become.

It’s a long story that spans all the way back to 2004 – but the ‘right now’ of it is quite simple. Lunation Pty. Ltd. as it has been, will be no more. Is no more. Our deregistration forms are on their way to the tax office. The company is closing. A new era is being born.

If You have been following my work for some time, You will know the endless struggle I’ve had, with the ‘calling’ of what I seem unable to stop doing – this sacred work with Women and occasionally Men which is power-full and transforming and awesome. I try to get away from the work, I try to put a stop to aspects, workshops, events; and then I’m called back in – again and again. But it’s always just not quite right.

And the whispering has been there for some time. ‘Lunation is not the right way anymore.’ But this! A Company I have built from nothing with lots of sweat and tears and even blood and it has become a part of me.

And then I asked the question – “What if Lunation is not the right name for what I’m doing anymore?’

Holy companies Batman! The energy that flooded in in that moment of clearing after this question – into the void of possibility was so strong – like a tsunami. The Great Mystery screamed ‘It’s about fucking time lady!’ and, well the rest has fast become history.

I am relieved and incredibly excited for what is coming next. I FINALLY have the full vision of my work integrated. I get it.

And I want You to know that it all sped fast forward and open when I was talking to my friend Rachel at our very last Red Tent and I said ‘I have this Vision of how everything can come together but it’s big and exhausting.’ And Rachel, always in the calm center of Self Wisdom says to me ‘Well if it is exhausting it can’t be the right thing.’ and after a moment of ponder I said ‘You know what, it’s nothing to do with exhausting – it’s fucking terrifying!’

With that admitted and out of the way – the Universe and I were ON again. Oh how we are ON! Like a love dance of epic proportions. Everything is falling into place and winding around itself and I find mySelf moved by everything that happens around me. Moved in the flow of Life – whether that part of Life is the birth, the death, or whatever in between – I’m open and flowing and it is GOOD!

So darling hearts, this is the last You will see from Lunation for 2013. The work is underway for a new site, with a new name and an amazing program for next year.

If You are inspired by my work and would like to add your thoughts to how I am shaping the new Vision, I invite You to join me in my market research Secret Group on Facebook. You will have to contact me directly via Facebook so that I can add You into the group. From there You will be showcased some of the new offerings, the artwork for the website, ideas for next year’s retreats etc. As part of the ‘market research group’ You will be offered special items and a heavily discounted price when the new Space is up and going. In between that – I would so appreciate your thoughts as someone who has been hanging with Lunation for all this time.

Happy Season to You sweet friend, I really do hope things stay wonder-full for You throughout the end of the year and into 2014.

Love you,

Mrs Hollie Bakerboljkovac PACFA Reg. Clinical 25488

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