What if sacred space vibes went on forever…?

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A Love Letter about coming back to the everyday after a visit with sacred space..

After my incredibly successful and gorgeous weekend retreat Walking with Inanna, I am now watching the return to the everyday for these women with interest. The phase of returning after we have been diving with the deep Self, can be crunchy and uncomfortable.

We often find it difficult to transition from any sacred space and return to the flow of everyday life.

There’s a reason it’s so edgy to go back to how things were before – because you are not the same as you were before! You have Re-membered more of yourSelf. You know You more than you did before. And with knowing You means you know more of the entire Universe.

In sacred space we find no beginning or ending between Self and the Universe. You find the Infinite – the Cosmic Self that knows no limits. How can you possibly go back to the way things were before?

So here’s a letter to you from me, and from the Infinite reality, to help you integrate back into the world you have returned to. Read well. You are awweeesssoomme.


Dear heart,

I hear you’re feeling a bit like the world is trying to push you up against a wall. After a beauty-full weekend of support and nurture from people who loved you just the way you are, you’ve now entered the everyday reality that isn’t quite as accepting and nurturing. You could be feeling alone right now. I want to tell you that it’s okay.

I get it : like, you were all blissed out on juicy sacred bizo and you have a deep desire to bring all that lovin’ with you into your everyday, but the rest of the world just doesn’t seem to be there with you. And you’re wondering why it feels like that, and what you’re doing wrong to go from such a high to such a poo poo as quick as you have. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just relating from a different place right now, and most of the world doesn’t know how to do the same.

You’ve just gone from a space where you can totally Be you – no tricks, no faking, no making anyone else happy just to keep the peace. And when you get to Be in that space, your Being speeds up, heightens, intensifies, gets a whole lot more Real – whatever you want to call it – and it really does become different to the people you left behind.

Then you return and it’s easy to forget that those people around you haven’t just had an experience of the Real World – you know, like where people actually accept each other for who they are, warts and all, celebrating their imperfections.. Your people have not had that beauty-full gift – possibly ever – and they really don’t know how wonder-full that can be. So you’ve come back all starry-eyed and talking like you’re on a honeymoon but everyone else is being awful!

Take a moment to remember who you were and where you were at before you went away. Remember that? With the heavy feeling and the overwhelm and the questions about how to make shit work… Back then (possibly only a day ago) you were running like that because you were used to it. You were a part of that reality and you were probably fairly okay with it too.

Then you went to sacred space where everyone accepts each others’ point of view and the question is more important than the solution. You got to hear Real words from the heart of people you’d never even met before. In the sharing you glimpsed the Language of Love and saw the possibility of a world that could exist, if only more people could love that way! If only more people could make the choices that allow for living from the heart… You were facilitated in ways that allowed for the speeding up of your journey. SHIT fell away. Life got Real. You received breakthroughs where you were asking for transformation to a better life – remember asking for that?

And now you’re back to your everyday life with the people who haven’t had breakthroughs, who haven’t made choices to hear and speak the Language of Love (and maybe they don’t even know it exists) and it’s really easy to forget that you asked for change. You’re back in the everyday, and maybe that change you asked for, now that it’s showing up possibilities in your everyday life, it just got really Real. And scary.

It’s easy to talk the talk in ceremony.

It’s easy to talk about how you want change and you’re gonna make choices that celebrate you from now on. You’re gonna show the people around you how to Be and you’re gonna make better choices around your food and your sleep and the people you choose to spend time with. You’re even gonna build your dream life! But talking the talk is not the same as walking. The test of whether you can walk what you talked comes when you return to the everyday.. have you got it in you?

It could be a bit crunchy for the first week. You may try to integrate the wonder-full-ness of your sacred journey with your everyday. You might teach your children one of the chants you learned. You might tell your partner that it will be important to spend more quality time together – maybe we could turn the TV off one night and just talk – or go on a holiday together… and then life gets in the way.

After the first week it’s harder to remember how it felt in sacred space. It’s easy to forget the breakthroughs – what did that pastel scribble in your journal mean again? And seriously, all that lovey dovey bizo is great in the moment when you’re away from your family but just now the most important thing is to get dinner on the table, and sign those forms for school, and get the washing on, and book the car into the mechanic, and check Facebook and….

And you have to return to ‘normal’ in order to keep the peace, so you slow your self down. You make yourself smaller again. You get less intense. You take a step down the ladder of awareness in order to keep everyone else feeling okay about themselves. You give up the part of you that you found – the Power part that gave you the bliss in the first place. And over time you become, like everyone else, a cog in the wheel of a system that doesn’t support limitlessness.

And then you crave that space again. You wish your life had more meaning. You seek out special workshops and ceremonies and retreats so that you can connect with ‘like minds’ that will welcome you to a space where you feel safe and nurtured and un-judged and connected. And you see something advertised and you move mountains to organise your family for the night or the day or the weekend so as to be able to attend. It’s gorgeous and life changing and you feel connected to yourself for the first time in like, forever and you resolve to go home and do wonder-full things. But then you return to the everyday and no one else is feeling the bliss… the cycle goes on…

I hope you know that you don’t have to stay in this never ending wheel of poo poo and there are actually some things you can do that create more woo woo! What could you Be if you were willing to Be all you can Be, all the time?

Choose to speak your Truth.

Truth is not about proving a point or arguing about who is right. Truth is saying how you feel, speaking your awareness out loud and letting go of the points of view that don’t support your bliss. Nobody can actually stop you from speaking your Truth. You can do it with anyone. And there’s no limit to what can be said. What will you choose that will allow you to Be You? And everything that doesn’t allow that, will you realise that you don’t have to subscribe to it? Imagine what life would be if everyone spoke their Truth…

Choose to stay fast.

You do not have to slow down so that everyone else can catch up. You do not have to wait around for the people in your world to awaken. If they truly desire to be in your world, they will keep up. If they don’t want to keep up, they won’t and if that’s the case, you don’t really need them anyway. You can be as big and intensely Real as you want. The people who’s heart matches yours will actually love this you – the Real You! The others who don’t match, will fall away. I promise, it’s really not such a bad thing. Who will show you that they really want to move forward into a New Way and a supportive reality with you? Imagine a world where the people in your space were willing to Be all that they can Be too….

Choose consciousness.

The consciousness you had in sacred space can’t go away unless you choose to subscribe to un-consciousness in its place. No body else makes you unconscious. So what is there in your life that you’re allowing to get in the way of staying in your aware and awakened state? What are you choosing that will allow you to Remember more of yourSelf everyday? What if you lead others in your world to Realationships? What if you could lead by your example of being Real, all the time? Imagine a world where people choose consciousness because it actually feels more joyful than not…..

Choose to be Infinite.

You are the creator of your own destiny. Every single bit of it. It’s your making and you are no more or less power-full than anyone else you know, anyone else you’ve ever heard of and anyone else who’s doing cool stuff that you wish you were doing too! We are all made of the same thing. Stardust and spirit. What if you stopped worrying about what everyone else was doing, and just concentrated on everything you could Be right now? Imagine a world where everyone took responsibility for their own self creation….

Choose to stay open to the possibilities.

There is always choice. You create your own reality through the choices you make. You have the ability to create and so you have the ability to destroy. You can remove anything that doesn’t serve you anymore, just by making a choice. You are power-full more than you could imagine. Yet you fall into the easy belief that your fears, your weight, your husband’s needs, your kids’ needs, your bills, your past choices, your addictions, your mother/father issues are greater than you are right now! You’ve always had a choice. You’ve always made choices. Everywhere that you think you cannot choose, is just a range of possibilities waiting to open up to you – you just haven’t seen what they are yet! Everywhere you say I can’t is a new possibility waiting to be noticed. How long will you wait? What if you made the choice that felt best for you at every second in every situation of every day? Imagine a world where you control your own reality…..

So darling heart, I hope I have inspired you to remember just how great the work you did at your sacred gathering was, and that it’s worth sticking to. Choose to be great. Choose to take the changes you created and run with them. Run as fast as you can go. Cover so much ground. Create the world you’ve been wishing for.

What could you be creating right now if you weren’t subscribing to the shoulds and coulds of your past? Imagine a world where everyone else keeps up with you, and you can Be the entire contribution that you came here to Be….



Love you,

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